6 Things to remember in a new relationship

6 Things to remember in a new relationship

The start of a new relationship is the best thing that happens to people. At least, it brings up hopes for a better future. It’s difficult to stop thinking about each other and we happen to obsess over the other person so much so that we forget our own existence.

The feelings are so overpowering that it difficult to avoid mistakes that can doom future prospects.

The following are the list of things you can act upon right at the beginning in order to have a healthy relationship with your partner.

Getting your “availability” right

Everyone loves adventure. Things that are too easily available, excite none. See to it that you aren’t too available all the time. In case, you are always there for him, sure he will appreciate it, but a few might misunderstand you to be a loner. On the other hand, if you act not available all the time, he will misinterpret it for your ignorance. Of course, nobody wants to feel unwanted. People can feel it if things aren’t too right. So, try and balance between the two in the relationship. If you can, or are free, make sure you answer him. Also, don’t dump every other thing in your life just to be there for him.

Avoid being too dependent

Everyone wants to make the most of time when it comes to relationships. Like you would want to go places with him or want his company all the time. This is quite natural, for you would wish to know him more in the beginning.

However, you can’t let go off the fact that he had and still has a life of him own. Things attached to him will not vanish. Let him enjoy his own space too. Unless it’s a mutual feeling, don’ force him into meeting you all the time. Initially, he might as well be fine with it, but not too long. It will suffocate him slowly.

The more space you provide, the more he will love your sense of understanding and supporting him. This will make your relationship stronger.

Avoid dictating his choice of friends


6 Things to remember in a new relationship

You can’t just avoid the fact that your boyfriend has friends who are women. Don’t ask him to avoid them just because you have come into his life. Had they been right for him, he wouldn’t have wanted you in the first place. Respect his friends , no matter which sex they belong to. Just like you wouldn’t wish your boyfriend to dictate as to who you should be friends with, the same goes for you too.

Keep your friends close forever

It is very common for people to be so engulfed into each other that they forget their friends. This is a sin, I would say. Don’t forget people who have been there for you when your boyfriend wasn’t even in the scene. If you keep your friends close, not just will that be healthy for your relationship but for your personal space as well.

Communicate your issues

6 Things to remember in a new relationship

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Communication is the best way to have your relationships flourish. Since your boyfriend is really new into your life, it will take him time to understand you, your likes and dislikes. You should completely debunk the idea of over expecting from him. Tell him all that you expect from this relationship, what turns you off or your principles and ethics which you expect him to respect. Be honest in all that you tell him. In an attempt to impress him, don’t distort facts about yourself.  If he has to stay, he will, no matter what kind of truth you spill. He doesn’t deserve being lied to.

Avoid repeatedly getting him into “future talking”

Sure everyone expects the best to happen. But you cannot be too sure of the future. Stop pestering him to see his future wife in you. Stop asking him to move in with you or vice versa. If things go smooth and to the best of intentions, everything will fall in place. Try and make the most of this moment.

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