6 Ways to control your wild feminine and masculine drive!

Let us not speak about gender here. Instead, let us look at the two words ‘male’ and ‘female’, as two separate entities. As human beings we have a dual portrayal of both masculine and feminine zest within us.

6 Ways to control your wild feminine and masculine drive!

However, the fact remains that we are unaware of this notion to such an extent, that even imagination fails to create a picture of what it exactly looks like.





The sole difference between the two lies within the context of being controlled and subjugated. A Masculine drive, is all about being essentially freewheeling, self-contained, organized and rational. When it is used in the best way possible, the outcome results into some productive, sound, systematic as well as idealized phenomena. However, let us also remember that when the masculine energy is somehow maltreated and messed up, the consequences can result into displeasure, impatience, ill feeling, arrogance as well as an intrinsic rivalry which in return, disassociates our minds from our bodies.

On the contrary, a feminine drive is all about being exceptional, sage, understanding, sentimental and admiring.  When you feel that you are more inclined towards the feminine perspective, all that arises is a substantial and fixed connection to your body and intuition as well. Out here the decisions taken are followed by what the heart says. Feminine energy is basically hospitable and responsive. But, we must also note that excess of feminine may also be looked upon as a weak and impersonal power.



 6 Ways to control your wild feminine and masculine drive!

With the passage of time, when the realization of some sort of aggressive and dynamic tension brings you into wholeness, your inflexibility and energy will force you into a confident and absolute standpoint.  Hence, in order to bring this balance on an influential plane, one must always remember that the male has an inner feminine, and the female has an inner masculine.

A man or a woman who refuses the feminine side may replace the deficiency of affection, passion, spirit they feel within themselves for desire, keenness, fulfillment, capability as well as a proficiency, thereby living a life controlled too much by the mind.  Although the reflective side of a bright contemplative thought operates without being controlled by the heart, yet somehow it tends to become uneven, rough, bitter, and complicated. On the other hand, a man ora woman who denies their masculine, has the probable chances of facing hindrances to reach any conclusion, since at that moment they are controlled by certain whimsical aspects which essentially results into fragmentation.



 6 Ways to control your wild feminine and masculine drive!

Splitting the body into two halves will actually result into the fusion of the two energies. Therefore, in order to control the vibes a proper balance needs to taken into consideration. These are as follows: –


  • A comfort level and peace of mind enabling you to take deeper breaths. The more you relax yourself, the greater will be the chances of knowing the dual energies.


  • With your eyes closed try to carry out a conversation with your inner feminine or masculine. Allow the images,thoughts, and memory to be figured out in a manner so as to impose a trust on you. Questions like what is troubling you or else how to remain healthier should be taken into consideration.


  • Your inner feminine will be guaranteeing a state of calmness, in which the various relationships involved turns out to be more loving since both body and mind are complimented to one another.


  • The inner masculine instilled within you will raise complicated issues which are disturbing, since in a way it is affecting your personal life forming a cobweb of mixed emotions.


  • However, once we are attracted towards the color of such energies, what begins to form thereafter, is a genesis of forethought and diligence compiled with a reliable living.


  • Finally, we realize that our energy is durable and able-bodied, so much so that we can intend to hit over it.  It is exactly at this moment where we can unite back to who we really are, regardless of independent burden or sociable communal patterns.


The masculine and feminine therefore, combines together into a complementary manner to make us aware of who we actually are, by making a controlled way towards a smooth intimate progression.



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