65 Questions to ask on a date before you finally say ‘Yes!’

When we start to date someone, we are blinded by our excitement of dating our crush. Sure, dating is fun and it is all cool because your relationship is new. But as and how you really start liking him and your feeling gets pretty much serious you need to know the questions to these answers.

65 Questions to ask on a date before you finally say 'Yes!'

The best thing to do is to play twenty questions game with your date to get to know more about them.

What type of questions can you ask?

Now, this is really important. You don’t want to breakup even before you start dating, isn’t it? Everyone has a limit above which the questions get too personal and intense. There are some things which are not to be asked until you are too serious about the relationship, which may be any of the followings

  • A mental disorder: Well, no one would really accept this on the face and these questions are not really something you talk out in public.
  • Salary: It’s a known fact- Never ask a woman about her age and a man about his salary. But this applies to both because we don’t want to offend him.
  • A death in the family: This is something that is too personal. Give him/her some time.
  • Bodily fluids: When you are still not ready to get into bed together then asking questions about it is really not that necessary.

Fundamental and Basic questions:

65 Questions to ask on a date before you finally say 'Yes!'

It may seem silly and unnecessary at the start but these questions are much needed to be answered to check your compatibility with your date.

#1 Where do you see yourself in five years?

#2 Have you ever lived with someone before?

#3 Do you think both parents should work?

#4 Have you ever been in love?

#5 Do you believe in shared bank accounts?

#6 Do you want to get married?

#7 Are you close to your Family?

#8 Have you ever been addicted to something?

#9 Is race important to you?

#10 Are you religious?

#11 Are you a text person or phone call person?

#12 Are you an angry person

#13 What are your goals for future?

#14 Do you like adventures?

#15 What really irritates you?

#16 How important is your job?

#17 Do you have any pet? If not, do you intend to have one in future?

#18 Do you want to stay in the same place or do you want to move somewhere else?

Fun to know-you questions

65 Questions to ask on a date before you finally say 'Yes!'

Questions asked should be such that they give you an insight of the personality and the type of person you are dealing with. Ask open-ended questions so that depending on their response you can understand whether they express themselves honestly or are they reserved. The answers to these questions will tell you the compatibility of you two. Here are examples of few questions that you can ask.

#19 Where did you grow up? What was it like?

#20 What do you admire the most?

#21 How about your parents?

#22 What are your siblings like?

#23 If you had a free plane ticket, where would you plan to go?

#24 Where did you complete your studies?

#25 What was your favorite subject?

#26 How about your best friends? Where did you guys meet?

#27 What’s the best part of your day?

#28 Who is your favorite superhero?

#29 Are you into sports? If yes, which one?

#30 What things would you like to change in your life?

#31 How do you express yourself romantically?

#32 What was your most embarrassing moment in life?

#33 What is your biggest fear?

#34 What was the first thing you bought with your paycheck?

#35 What is the offensive thing that anyone has said to you?

#36 Are you in your dream job right now?

#37 What things make you extremely happy?

#38 Do you like traveling?

#39 Where is your most favorite place in this city?

#40 What are your hobbies?

#41 What kind of movies do you like? Which are your favorite ones?

#42 What was the worst thing that ever happened to you?

#43 What do you do when you are sad?

#44 What is too serious to joke about?

#45 What is the best present you’ve ever received?

#46 What’s harder for you- sacrifice or share?

#47 What’s your favorite type of music?

#48 Do you like going on long drives?

#49 If you had to eat a meal for the rest of your life, which dish would it be?

#50 What’s your favorite dish?

#51 Have you ever pulled an all-nighter?

#52 Do you believe that a man and a woman can just be friends?

#53 Are you jealous?

#54 What do you feel most protective about?

#55 What is your basic day routine?

Questions regarding Past relationships and love

65 Questions to ask on a date before you finally say 'Yes!'

Well, these questions are kind of big deal but answers to these questions are much needed. Sneaking one or two questions like this in between the conversation will let you know what a person has been through, what they like when it comes to dating, whether he/she is romantic or not and so on.

But do remember not to ask these questions in one go and sneak them in between conversations because you don’t want to  come off as a despo!

Take a look at these questions to get an idea:

#56 What’s your idea of ideal date?

#57 What’s the worst date you’ve ever had?

#58 What’s better – kiss or hug??

#59 What’s an absolute no-no for you in a relationship?

#60 What’s been your best relationship?

#61 What’s been your worst relationship?

#62 Have you ever been cheated?

#63 What’s your idea of a perfect partner?

#64 Are you into PDA? How much of it is acceptable for you?

#65 Are you over your ex?

The last question is quite a biggie. But when you get the answer of this question it’ll reveal his/her your lifestyle and goals. I hope these questions are helpful to you to find ‘the one’ and Happy Dating!!