7 Reasons why couples drift away from each other

Some relationships have strong foundations. So no matter what, they stand the test of time. However, not everyone is lucky enough in love. You may not even know when your relationship has faded and lost its charm. The good part is, this isn’t a rare occurrence. There a good number of people who share the same issue. Initially the spark in the relationship is pretty strong. But eventually without any effort, relationships are difficult to hold together. The only way to keep each other happy in the relationship is to make sincere efforts to keep it alive.


Are you finding yourself losing an interest in your partner? Do you understand why this is happening? The reasons might be right there in front of you but you seem to not pay attention. Here are a few signs to understand why you are drifting away from your partner with time:



Lack of communication:


The importance of communication resonates with all successful relationships. Without an effective channel of communication, no relationship can be held together. Relationships are never stagnant just like people. However most people seem to overlook the fact and fail to make sincere efforts in communicating with their partners. People are never the same. With time, they learn and shift their outlooks accordingly. So make sure you communicate enough and cater to the needs of your partner.



Lack of interest in their partner’s achievements


People feel great when they achieve their goals and dreams. Obviously they want to share the happiness with their partners. If you don’t seem to be happy or show an indifference towards your partner, then this will successively lead to him suppressing all his emotions for you. Not only will he stop telling you what makes him happy but also what makes him sad. This is because he would assume that it won’t matter much to you. Great couples are happy in each others’ happiness. They consider themselves a team and not two separate people.



Difference of opinion

 7 Reasons why couples drift away from each other

It is very important that couples have a balance of opinions. Extremities will only lead to clashes and eventually a breakup. Two separate people can stay together only when they think alike or at least they try to think alike or adjust according to the time and situation. If there is no agreement on this, then it is very difficult to cooperate. Right when you find that you are incompatible with your partner at the very beginning, you should try and get out of the relationship instead of trying to change him over time into your idea of the perfect man.





Nobody wants to tolerate physical violence or even emotional abuse. It is very demeaning. Such methods of utter disrespect towards your partner will never work things in your favour. Rather you will only lose your partner’s respect and with time you will find a lack of initiative on your partner’s behalf to do anything for the betterment of the relationship. There are constructive ways to mitigate issues. Violence in any form shouldn’t be tolerated or encouraged.



Failing to make time for each other


People are busy these days. We are running after money. To secure our future. However, we are so driven towards monetary gains that we lose sight of the relationships that surround our lives. People get so used to being away from each other that they don’t make the effort to do anything to rekindle their relationships. Slowly, all the interest will be lost and your bond will never be the same again.



Sexual incompatibility


Sex forms an integral part of relationships. It bonds you in a different way which you will understand only after you engage in it. Lack or sex means there no real attraction at all. Without attraction, you are bound to drift apart. You might just feel like sex is not too important, which I partly agree with. But if complete disinterest in initiating sex for days accumulate into months or years, then you definitely aren’t into each other anymore.



Do you spend more time with your male colleagues or friends? Do you avoid spending quality time with your partner to be with them? Are you constantly coming up with excuses to avoid being with him? Your relationship is doomed if you have engaged in some sort of cheating. If you hide your phones or become possessive or raise suspicion in any form or the other, then you have clearly move ahead in pushing your partner away from you.


People just take each other for granted without trying to change and work on their flaws. Both the partners may have the best intentions for each other or love each other a lot, but it is still possible that they might be drifting away from each other without even knowing anything about it.