7 Things to do to leave your man addicted to you

Love doesn’t come without conditions. You have to give to receive. This is a very realist stance I am taking here. Nothing comes for free. You can’t just expect someone to stay with you unless you have something qualitative to offer in their lives. If love were ideally unconditional, then perhaps we wouldn’t have seen relationships falling apart or perhaps seeking help of relationship counsellors. Of course we cannot deny the existence of unconditional love which is a rarity these days.


The funny things is, we move mountains to get the man of our dreams but as soon as we get them, their value somehow diminishes and we forget the importance of giving them all the necessary love and attention they deserve. This is the greatest problem this generation is facing today. If you really want your relationship to work you have to be ready. Always ready to take the initiative. Here are a few things to be awesome in your relationship and leave him addicted to you more and more each day.


Make him your priority


You need to be there for him. Be there like a rock. Work on being involved in his life. Make him involved in yours too. Be attentive to his needs, his like and dislikes. Do what he loves with him and avoid what he dislikes. Always look out for what he expects. A great relationship demands sacrifice. Make sure you are ready to always walk an extra mile.


Gel with his company


To win his heart, you have to be doubly nice to his friends. Avoid badmouthing them. They have been there with him. He probably counts on them way more than any female in his life. Guys generally speak about their private life with their friends. Even if you have the habit of complaining and picking faults, make sure you know how to sugarcoat your speech. There is no point irking his friends and isolating him. This will call for trouble in the future.


Give him space whenever he wants


Your man needs his time just like you do. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. It is just his way of keeping himself occupied with himself. It makes him feel god. It makes him cope with things that worry him. Sometimes people deal with their struggles silently. It’s their way of doing things. If you want to leave him addicted to you, you have to learn to give him some space. Clinging to him all the time is a sure fire way to turn him off.


Banish your insecurities

 7 Things to do to leave your man addicted to you

An insecure girlfriend is a mood spoiler. No matter how hard you pretend, if you are insecure he will always refrain from sharing things with you.  A confident woman is a huge turn on. Being confident means you put less pressure on your man to validate you, to make you feel worthy or to cater to your dependence on him. Unless you are confident none of the tactics will work in having a great relationship. So, hold your head high and have faith in yourself. If your confidence is not addictive, then how could he be remotely addicted to you?


Be very active sexually


Men have a higher level of testosterone. Simply meaning, this tends to drive their sexual affinity higher than women. If you stagnate sexually you deny him of his basic need. Sex adds spice to the relationship. It will keep him glued to you. You can entice him in different ways to avoid your relationship from hitting a dead end. Don’t let him complain about his sex life. Nonetheless, enjoy it thoroughly with your man. He will never cease to think about you.


Pamper his ego


Great girlfriends know how to make their men feel good about themselves. Men have huge egos. You have to be willing to pick him up when he is down. You have to compliment him more often. When he understand that you love the way he is he gets an instant push to love you back with more vigour. We all seek validation in our partners. We feel great when they say something good. So, look at his positives more than his negatives and you will easily come across  plenty of compliments to make him feel at the top of the world.


Appreciate what he does

7 Things to do to leave your man addicted to you

Always point the best in whatever he does. Be it for you or at his place of work or anywhere else for that matter. Avoid picking flaws all the time. There is always a constructive way to criticise. But when it comes to dealing with what your partner does, make sure you always have the best things to say. This will reflect the positivity that you hold in his life. He is surely bound to stay addicted f you know how to do this right.