7 Ways to be a good girlfriend!

It’s a great thing to have the perfect man in your life. We all want to be the best and do whatever we can to make our partners happy and give them all the love that we possibly can. So how do you become the woman of your man’s dreams and be a good girlfriend? This article doesn’t intend to say that you don’t have these characteristics or aren’t doing enough already, but in case you feel you are lacking somehow, you could incorporate these to be a good girlfriend. Here are a few things you could do to keep your man interested in you and to be perpetually awed by how you keep him so happy.


Help him get better each day


You need to be able to make him learn new things in a very constructive way. Not just should you teach him how to make the relationship better but also how to make himself better. Contribute to his life and he will truly understand what you did forever. Motivate him to become better every day, and to work on his imperfections. Be vocal about your future together and also his career. Be genuinely interested in him so that he can grow and recognize all the changes that he underwent because of you, later in life.


Show him how special he is


Don’t ever leave an opportunity to make your man understand what he means to you. Just like us men too need some pampering. They love it when their woman can make their affection and appreciation public. Even though he may never tell you that he wants this or act awkward, but trust me he loves it deep down inside. We always expect men to make us feel special but don’t you think your man deserves it too?


Take control in the bedroom


Have you sometimes wondered why men love porn? What gets them so hooked and why do they fantasize? The fact that women do stay in control of the act is partly a reason. It is a visual delight. Men enjoy a woman taking the initiative in the bed. There is no harm in unleashing your wild side and show him how much you crave his body.


This may turn out to be a great surprise for him and trust me, he may not forget that session for the whole day thinking about all that you did. Indulging in this every now and then will also relieve him of the pressure to perform. Nobody wants to do all the work. So make it a two way process and enjoy the moment together.


Be nice to his loved ones

7 Ways to be a good girlfriend!

Avoid being a snob in front of his friends. Make sure you maintain a cordial relationship with them. You have to agree that they will have a larger influence on him and you won’t therefore, you won’t want to offend them. Great girlfriends work on improving their relationships with those whom their men hold close to their hearts. When he finds you engaged with them, it will instill a sense of happiness in him and he will take pride in you.


Give him space


You may love him a lot and want his attention all the time but you have to understand that you must avoid looking too clingy. Nobody wants an added baggage in their life. that is natural human behaviour and if you make him feel suffocated with your presence, he may not want to be around you for long. The more space you give him, the better your relationship grows and the relationship wouldn’t feel like a burden.


Men may have a protective instinct and love a woman who shows that they need them. But as the relationship progresses, you will see that a man appreciates an independent woman more who has her own space and knows how to give space as well.


Work on your appearance

7 Ways to be a good girlfriend!

No matter how shallow this might sound, but this is the truth. We try and perceive people with our eyes first. Hence the concept of first impressions. Men love women who can dress well. They take pride when you can make the whole room stare as you walk in. It boosts his ego to find himself walking with someone who is everyone’s desire.


Be smart


Even though you cannot belittle appearance, you have to agree that the real substance makes relationships enduring. Work on your intellect. An intelligent woman can hold on a man’s attention better and longer. No one wants to hang around someone who lacks in etiquettes and the decency to talk.  This is not to imply that you need to be “Miss-know-it-all” (which may be a turn off for a few!). Just ensure that you are well aware of things happening around and can keep up with conversations.