8 menstruation facts you need to know

Understand your Cycle

The pattern of the menstrual cycle is different for every woman. Like the color of your skin and the thickness of your hair differs from everybody else, so does your menstrual cycle. It’s always advisable to identify your pattern and have a good understanding of your cycle.


Maintaining proper hygiene is very important, but don’t over-do it. Most ads and films make it seem like menstruating is a disgusting thing. But it is not so. So don’t use too much soap, talcum, sprays and wipes for cleanliness. A mild soap and a little water is more than sufficient.
Excessive use of products might cause irritation.

Start Medication the Night Before

Some women experience unbearable pain during their menstruation cycle. In order to combat this, one requires foreknowledge. You need to be exactly aware of your dates, and take pain relievers the night before your period starts. That way, you won’t have to bear with the unbearable.
But excessive reliance on medication is not advised, as anything when consumed in excess is harmful.

Irregular is normal

If your periods are irregular, they are completely normal. And even if you think your periods are regular, they are not exactly regular. Because a normal female’s cycle ranges from 21-45 days. There could be a few abnormal period years too, but that is okay.
But if these abnormalities become permanent, and are a cause for concern to you, you must consult a doctor.

Heavy Flow

8 menstruation facts you need to know

Some people just assume it’s normal and are not aware that there are ways to control too much flow. If you feel the need to change your tampon or sanitary napkin every 2-3hours, then you are advised to consult a doctor as soon as possible. Tell your gynecologist about the condition, the problems you face, how frequent your tampon needs to be replaced.
It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

PMS or Cramps

Females hormones and cramps can be a real setback sometimes. You might encounter problems such as Pre-Menstrual Stress, cramps, mood swings, stomach-ache, et cetera. For some women, these symptoms are mild, and they get work done in spite of these obstacles. But for some women, female hormones and cramps might take a serious toll.
Consult a doctor for these problems so that they don’t hinder your work and life in the future.

It’s Possible to Conceive During your Period

The chances are highly unlikely, but it is not impossible. You can become pregnant even during your period.
Say, a woman had sexual intercourse on the last day of her period and ovulated three days later. This can happen because sperm can live up to three to five days.
So always use protection if you’re not ready for a child yet.


Women tend to go through menopause at the age of 40 to 56.
When your mother stopped having her period is also a very useful piece information to have as the age your mother went through menopause is most likely the age you will be going through menopause as well.
Hope this post for helpful to you!