8 Reasons why women make better leaders than men!

This ongoing debate of who is better- a man or woman has been going on and on since ages. Women have always had better managerial abilities and certain specific abilities that are just gifted to women. Although, women are always looked down and society doesn’t think that women are better leaders and that’s why women do not get equality in many social platforms.

Even though women do the same amount of work with the same amount of commitment they do not get paid as much as men do. Women are always underestimated in managerial fields but there are certain pointers that prove that women make better leaders read on to know more:

#Better At Management

8 Reasons why women make better leaders than men!

Women have been managing home from ages. They know how to spend and save money even when money is scarce. Same way it has also been seen in the past few years that women make better managers. It is because they know how to efficiently handle resources, how to allocate them and how to maintain a balance.

Most of the women go with the ‘to-do list approach’ which makes them a pro at planning things out and scheduling as well. Most of the men go with ‘cross-the bridge-when-it-comes’ approach which often doesn’t work in their favor. Women possess many traits that qualify them as better managers in the eyes of their co-workers and subordinates. They are a lot more considerate of people working under them and they also have the zeal to grow along with others in an organization.

#Motivate Others

Motivating others is a quality that not all possess. But women, in general, are motivators. Women have detective quality hidden in them which often comes out when in need. They know very well what motivates you and what triggers your fears. This way they easily come up with ideas to encourage and motivate you.

Most importantly women deal with emotions better while men have a phobia when it comes to emotions. Women can easily take charge of situations where employees lack the zeal to work and energize them up, fill them up with confidence and motivate them to see light at the end of the tunnel.

A study also reveals that people working under women are more engaged than those under men.


#Good At Collaborating With People

It is a natural instinct for a woman to bring everyone together. The Same way women are natural at collaborating and working together with others. Women are accustomed to play many roles at a time because they are the home makers and they know how to make everyone happy and this works as an advantage in an organization.

Men use their alpha-male characteristics to direct others and lead while this might be good in one way they still can’t be able to do team work without which a company can’t move forward. Women like to work in a team, share their views and ideas and find a solution for the problem which will be in the favor of all the team members.

#Already Know How To Succeed Against The Odds

8 Reasons why women make better leaders than men!

Yeah, some people would say otherwise but being a woman we know how to work against the odds. You know why? Because we have always faced some kind of discrimination, the restriction being put on us regardless of which many women have come out stood up for themselves and succeeded against the odds in flying colors. Men have never and will never realize what it is like to be underestimated right from your childhood. On the other hand, every girl and women have faced this at some time. They have the drive to prove the people who put a barrier in their way wrong and succeed in whatever path they are working in.

#Stronger Business Ethics

Women are known to have stronger business ethics when compares to that of men. Men often consider business ethics as applicable just to business. While women do not just apply it to business but they consider ethics beyond business and outside of ego. Women consider the right of others in the pursuit of fairness. Most probably because even a small wrongdoing on their part leaves them guilty making them feel bad for it a long time. Since ethical behavior is highly valued in any organization women have a greater chance of being a leader.

Women are also more accountable for whatever they do and also pretty much transparent.

#Loads Of Patience

Women definitely have a lot more patience than men. Women don’t rush into things without thinking it through. They know that decisions are not to be made in haste and so they take a time to breathe it out, dig deeper before jumping to conclusions when it comes to business decisions.

Women are also known to handle stress efficiently than men. Stress can blur your decision making capability at times and then you end up taking decisions that may possibly ruin your chances of promotion.

#Posses Better Communication Results

8 Reasons why women make better leaders than men!

We have often heard people making fun of women being talkative. But that doesn’t mean women just talk anything that comes to their mind. Women talk sense most of the times. They have a unique ability to think rationally about everything. Women often tend to deeply analyze and over think things which sometimes work well for them.

They can perfectly and tactfully communicate with people and snag a business deal. Their soft skills help them apply things in corporate world efficiently. Better communication facilitates the flow of information in an efficient way which is needed in leading a company.

While men prefer action over words, women prefer talking it out over a discussion and then proceeding with the work. They also have great listening capabilities and that’s the reason why they relate better with employee and customer concerns. Communication plays a key role in nurturing and maintaining strong relationship be it in a company or personally.


#Focus On Personal Growth

Women take pride in seeing other people under their team growing individually. They want people to move forward in their life, that is why they seem to motivate people in their team to grow. This is a trait that every leader should possess otherwise employees won’t be able to connect with their leader.

Many men also agree that women are better leaders than them. Women really need to gear up and take lead because women have innate skills like communication, emotional intelligence, and empathy. Women also bring a new perspective of looking at a situation that benefits the group as a whole. They bring a whole set of abilities to the table that is beneficial for effective leadership.

As much as society tries to fuel a man’s ego by letting them lead it doesn’t change the fact that there are women who have successfully managed to change the perspective of many people. Women still have a long way to go so what are you waiting for? Gear up, pull up your socks and make it happen.


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