8 Secret techniques to be an entrepreneur

8 Secret techniques to be an entrepreneur

Employees have had it enough. Competing deadlines, following their boss, creating a spreadsheet, quietly listening to criticism and being on time. They were not born for this and they know it. They have it in their nerves to become someone different. They want to build their own enterprise and be the boss. They want to become an entrepreneur!

The question is How? Given the existing economic cruelty of our time and the cut-throat competition, it is easier to follow than lead. But if you have come to the conclusion that the dream job you’ve been waiting for does not exist and if you want to follow your goals, here are eight simple techniques that will help you be an entrepreneur.


  • Make your decision

Decide if you want to pursue your goals or if you want to follow the crowd. And after you have done that, stay firm on your stand. Do not blame your family or your children or your boss or economy for your poor condition. Accept that only you can lead your life. Others have no control over you. Have a strong resolution to make it happen.


  • Explore

Explore all possibilities. Pay attention to your intuition and act accordingly. Deep down, your heart knows what your brain wants. Listen to it. Select the right business that will suit your principles. Don’t go for something you find boring. Analyze your skills before starting off. Answer these questions, ‘What am I good at? What gives me happiness? Will it be more of a hectic job than enjoyment?


  • Study the market

 Look how other businesses perform. Study the market and look for glitches and gaps. Your aim is to fill them, to provide a service no other company has been capable of providing. Before you spend any money, spend ample of time on research. Deciding on your niche is the most crucial decision.


  • Write down your plans

8 Secret techniques to be an entrepreneur

When you write down your goals and aims and other characteristics, they tend to become real. Noting down your plans will give you a clear picture of your business you are going to embark on.


  • Know your customers

Who is going to buy your product or use your service? Don’t be of the opinion that everyone is going to need what you are selling. Most markets have their target audience, a niche market. Are they children, teenagers, adults or senior citizens? Why will they use your product? What benefits it will provide them in everyday life? Is your target audience confined to a geographical location? Create focus groups and ask citizens what they think of your product.


  • Build connections

Once you are committed to your work, others will too. Build a support network of advisors, supporters and well wishers. Attend events and listen to what others say about your product. Focus more on value than price. Be generous and true. Also,  willingly serve your customers, not only your goals.


  • Calculate your finances

8 Secret techniques to be an entrepreneur

 Being an entrepreneur is not easy. Yet, you can be an entrepreneur if you know the secrets. When you are an entrepreneur, you are the sole investor in your business. Your personal life and business life are connected. Know if your business is going to be a high tech one or is it going to require a small amount? Different businesses have different financial requirements.


  • Make it viral

Get the word out. Use social media to market your product. There are numerous social media tools that will attract your target audience. Do not forget traditional marketing methods such as advertisements, PR, emails, newsletters, word-of-mouth etc.

If you find yourself stuck at a particular stage, reach out to other entrepreneurs. I’m sure they will be willing to help. Good luck!



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