8 Things he needs to do to deserve you!

8 Things he needs to do to deserve you!


You deserve all the happiness in the world. Any relationship you enter into should fulfil you, should make you complete and help you become a better version of yourself.


Here are a few things your man needs to do to deserve you:


Keep you brimming with laughter:


Yes, whoever it is you deserve to stay with must be able to make you laugh. Ok, this doesn’t in anyway imply that he needs to be a comedian (although you shouldn’t mind that!). But if things he says don’t light your face up, then you should probably give this guy a second thought and look for better options.


Help you climax in bed:

8 Things he needs to do to deserve you!

Your body is a mystery. At times, it can act weird and make orgasms a far cry. However, he should be really interested in helping you achieve orgasms as much as he is interested in jerking off. Orgasms can be pretty tough for women but if he wants to he can be patient enough to communicate and work his way out to making it a fun moment for you too.


Be adventurous:


Life can get pretty dull after a few years of being together and for some even a few months. To keep things alive and refreshed, your man needs to be ever ready to try out new things with you. These activities can range from trips, sex, cooking or any other hobby that you would like to try out. This can bring both of you closer to each other and break the monotony.


Treat you with utmost respect:


Your identity as whoever you are should mean a lot to him. You aren’t perfect and neither is he. Your flaws might be endless but if he deserves you, he will find a way out to embrace them and even look for perfection in your imperfections. It’s just not always about pulling the chair for you at the restaurant or even offering to do everything for you, it’s all about how he makes you feel even with the most trivial gestures. You should be treated as an equal and not a subordinate. No matter how the day has turned out to be for him, but if he makes excuses and blames his work schedule for the trash he puts you through, he doesn’t deserve you.


Boost your self confidence:

8 Things he needs to do to deserve you!

Ok, this is not about praising you all the time. But yes, you deserve to be treated as his princess. It shouldn’t matter if you are suffering from acne or have put on a few pounds, he should make you feel beautiful. He should have his eyes for you and make other women jealous of the way he treats you. At times, flaunting you is one of the best things he could do. This doesn’t necessarily mean that he should use the social media as a platform to showcase his love for you all the time but holding you close in public or even being protective when need be is absolutely beautiful.


Be attentive to you:


A number of us forget to pay attention to the littlest details of what is being communicated to us by our partners. But did you know that even the smallest piece of information could make your relationship better? If he isn’t all ears to what you have to say, it means that he doesn’t value your opinions or doesn’t respect them. This can sabotage your union in the long run.


Be faithful to you:


Every relationship goes through the hard times. But if you seriously love each other you can never cheat. Even if your love knows no bounds for him, you should consider not staying with him in the long run if he cheated on you. If he has a flirtatious nature, it’s still a red signal for you. Just move on and welcome someone into your life who is solely for you and will be all into you.


Be there for you:


Be with a man who can proudly call you his. Be with someone who can kiss away all your pain and comfort you in your darkest hour. Being able to make all your troubles appear to be of little significance is what your man should do. You should rise and fall together. That is what you truly deserve.


These are the pillars of a healthy relationship. If he fails to do these things to you, you relationship is bound to crumble in the near future. Make sure he checks right all of these in your list!



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