9 Bizarre thoughts every insomniac has after 12am!

Okay so finally when it’s time to sleep and I’m all set to sleep then a thought comes in my mind, “Do I have to sleep now or there are some undone tasks?” Maybe I just need to put up the alarm or just go to the loo. Or maybe just brush up my teeth. So finally when I’m into my cozy quilt I realize that, “I’ve tried staying in bed and literally counting sheep. I’ve tried reading, hot showers, progressive muscle relaxation.” But why am I not sleeping? What has happened to me? Do I need sleeping pills? What’s actually going on! Well there is only one answer to it! Welcome to the Insomniac club baby!

9 Bizarre thought every insomniac has after 12am!
So here we are with some thoughts that comes to every insomniac’s mind when he is about to sleep.


  • It’s 12:30!! So I just have 6 hours and 36 minutes to sleep.

God! I’ll have to sleep as soon as possible. The craving for more and more sleep is always in mind and when we come to know that we have less time to sleep then our sleep goes away too 😛


  • Counting Sleep!!

Are we actually counting them or just wasting our time of sleep? The most traditional way of falling asleep with turns out to be a method of bye bye sleep!


  • Let me check my Facebook (or Twitter) for the very last time of the day. It’ll take a minute.

9 Bizarre thought every insomniac has after 12am!

And this one minute turns out to be more than an hour wasting our precious sleep…


  • When one thinks about his or her life!

What are we actually doing? Or are we pursuing the correct course or we should go for something else. These thoughts usually strike at every night.


  • Blinking eyes continuously helps one to sleep. Is it really true?

Just to prove whether it’s true or false one definitely tries this and therefore succeeds in being an insomniac.


  • When there’s going to be an exciting day tomorrow!

We can’t wait for the coming day and start preparing ourselves and start making plans about what’s going to happen and how many exciting things are we about to do on the coming day.


  • Oh God I think I need to have something to fill my empty stomach.

9 Bizarre thought every insomniac has after 12am!

Hunger strikes when we are about to sleep and the search for food starts.


  • Is anyone calling me? Creepy sounds?

That point of time when we hear some creepy sounds or maybe someone is calling or the dogs barking.


  • It’s a Saturday night and I’ve a full Sunday to manage my sleep tomorrow!

When we are aware that tomorrow is a Sunday and we can sleep for long then we confidently let our sleep go away and be assured of getting our sleep completely the next day.


So these thought must be wandering your mind as well and letting you to be an insomniac. So share your thoughts below and let us know your way of being an insomniac!