The 9 Most Embarrassing Beauty Problems Of The Girls Solved!

Looking beautiful and alluring has really a whole lot of efforts involved which guys clearly do not know. We, women, have to go through a whole ordeal to look our best. I mean cmon we all know it not just about looking good, slathering your skin with some cream and powder, layering foundation on your face, swiping on the lipstick and you’re done. There are a lot of under-the-radar problems relating to skin and hair that everyone wants easy solutions for but no one wants to discuss it out loud.

The 9 Most Embarrassing Beauty Problems Of The Girls Solved!

Worry not, because we are here to talk about just those embarrassing beauty problems which, you girls find so hard to discuss. We are not saying that having facial hair or having sweaty underarms is embarrassing, No of course not. But in reality, not everyone is comfortable with it. Not every girl out there feels comfortable to go around with sweaty underarms, being honest.

No one is immune to these problems and that’s why we are discussing these problems out loud.


Buttne Or The Acne On The Butt

The 9 Most Embarrassing Beauty Problems Of The Girls Solved!

I know, most of us have it. But how many of us share this problem with others? Not many I think. But isn’t this one of the most common problems then why is everyone so embarrassed about it?

The possible reasons why you are having butt acne is that you might be wearing too tight clothes not giving any breathing space to the skin or you might be having dry skin or you might have a sweating problem. So you’ve to avoid the constant friction between your clothes and skin. For that, you can switch to loose and flowy clothes so that you can let your skin breath. Moisturize your butt daily so as to repair the dry skin and you can also opt a cream which has tea tree oil to avoid the bacteria that causes acne.


Stained Teeth

The 9 Most Embarrassing Beauty Problems Of The Girls Solved!

Coffee addicts, right here people! In fact, all the beverage lovers face this problem and let’s not forget about tobacco lovers. You might brush your teeth daily day and night and you still end up having those stains on teeth. That is because of the beverages you consume on a regular basis. For this what you can do is rinse your mouth with water after two or three minutes of having the beverage. And don’t forget to brush your mouth twice a day, that’s mandatory. You can also opt for regular cleaning by booking an appointment with the dentist once in 6 months but that’s purely optional.


Stinking Feet

Ugh, we know the feeling. The smell of stinking feet in a closed room is just unbearable. But can you really help it? It’s necessary for few people to wear socks when they go to work or classes. The sweat from your feet gets trapped in the sock which leads to the smelly feet. But for that, you just can’t stop wearing socks. You can make sure that you wear a fresh pair of socks daily even if you have worn them just for an hour –wash them. You can also try a few of these remedies to get rid of the stinky feet. Wash your feet with an anti-bacterial soap daily. Soak your feet in lukewarm water by mixing it with bath salt or normal salt. You can even mix vinegar with water in 1:2 proportion respectively. These will ensure that the bacteria are kept at bay and you’ll be presented with fresh and non-stinky feet.


Rashes As An After Result Of Bikini Wax

The 9 Most Embarrassing Beauty Problems Of The Girls Solved!

Girls with sensitive skin might be very well acquainted with this problem. A bikini wax or even normal waxing may give soft and smooth skin but it can also end up leaving nasty rashes and bumps on your skin. It’s a necessary step to take care of the skin after your waxing session. You can apply moisturizer as everyone normally does but to avoid the inflammation and the rashes you can also use an ice pack or even apply aloe vera gel to soothe the skin. Avoid wearing tight clothes which might cause friction with the rashes or affected area. Also, avoid saunas for a few days as it might worsen the condition.


Dandruff Problem

Of course, how can we forget dandruff? If you have an extremely dry skin then you might also have dandruff. And dandruff demands attention, no not from others but from you because it makes the scalp so itchy that you just can’t keep your hands off your scalp (even in public). Now that’s embarrassing and irritating. This itchy scalp may also sometimes lead to acne on your forehead, double trouble you see. To get rid of dandruff there are so many home remedies available, choose any of them and do it regularly you’ll get the results. One simple remedy is to mix a few drops of lemon with coconut oil and massaging it in the scalp. You’ll have a hydrated and dandruff free scalp with this remedy.


Pores On The Face

Girls feel insecure because of the large pores on their face and nose. This problem is faced largely by oily skin thanks to the sebum production. They can be due to various reasons. One reason is that the oil on the face gets mixed with the dead skin. Well, you can’t really get rid of these pores in a day or week. Genuinely speaking it takes a year or two of constant skin care and trust on the product. But nonetheless, it is effective because something is better than nothing you know. The easiest DIY for this is massaging aloe vera on the face and washing it off. You can also apply gentle exfoliator and scrub your face followed by face mask, preferably clay mask. Do this twice a week for best results. Remember patience is the key.


Sweaty Underarms

The 9 Most Embarrassing Beauty Problems Of The Girls Solved!

Sweat stains are way too embarrassing. Not to mention the stains they leave on the pretty dresses and they stink, like literally! If you sweat a lot then you should do something about it because there are a number of ways that can help you. You can start applying antiperspirant on your underarms before you head to bed at night which will help you get rid of the body odor. You can also put on armpit shields under your arms before you head out. They absorb the sweat. You should also reduce the consumption of processed food and also coffee because they are known to increase the sweat production. I hope this helps.


Single Strand Of Hair On The Chin

Seriously, why the chin of all the places? Yes, some people have a single strand of hair on the chin which is quite noticeable I tell you. But there’s no such exclusive solution that I can offer but a simple one- Grab a tweezer, pluck it out and be done with it. Simple!


Ingrown Hair

We face this problem when we shave or wax our skin most the bikini area. Ingrown hair refers to the hair that grows inside the skin and not on the surface as it is expected to grow mostly in pubic areas. You can use ice packs to reduce inflammation in that area and also apply creams to soothe the area. You can also exfoliate the skin gently to remove the dead skin there.

These are the most common embarrassing beauty problems that girls face. Have any others to add? Be free to comment in the section below.


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