A-Z Fashion Glossary



Fashionistas! Here is a quick roll on, of some of the most important and common fashion terms, a fashionable girl needs to know! This A-Z fashion glossary will help you, enrich your knowledge about fashion and surely use them in the right way and the right place!


  • A-Line – Bottoms or skirts that are narrower at the waist, flaring gently wider while falling to the bottom. Usually resembling the letter “A.”
  • Boot Cut – A trouser/denim style that is wider below the knee and very subtly flares out so that knee length boots can be worn inside!
  • Corset – An upper which is body fitting sometimes strapless or with thinner straps. Usually with laces or snap closures.
  • Diamond Neck- A cutout at the front or back neckline that is of diamond-shape.
  • Epaulets – a shoulder adornment usually found in military uniforms or trench coats.
  • Faux Pas- A false/wrong fashion judgment.
  • Glitterati – The popular, shiny crowd. Usually celebrities.
  • Herringbone – Inspired from the shape of skeleton of a herring fish. A V-shaped neckline.
  • Item du jour – Item that represents the present trend.
  • Jouy print – An illustrative and repeated print on a white/off white background.
  • Kitten Heel- A narrow heel, but short. Not more than 1 cm where it touches the ground.
  • Loafer – Moccasin-style classic slip on shoe.
  • Mandarin collar – A classic Asian collar. Short and standing up.
  • Non-wovens – A cloth is not obtained by weaving.
  • Overskirt- A skirt worn over another skirt.
  • Peplum – A short skirt like extension from the ends of a top that falls a little below the waistline
  • QR – Quick response! An electronic manufacturing system.
  • Rompers – A one piece wear that has it’s lower part shaped as bloomers.
  • Shelf bra – A bra advanced into a whole garment.
  • Tie-n-Dye – A garment that is colored into different patterns and hues by tying strings at various parts.
  • Unitard – A close-fitting, one-piece garment for the torso, legs, and feet, and sometimes for the arms
  • Voila – Not essentially a fashion term. It describes that the task is achieved bang-on!
  • Wedges – Footwear that have filled heels that appear like a triangle.
  • X
  • Yarn – constructed by binding together fibers. A cloth type.
  • Zig-Zag – A pattern that has lines placed in a continuous half triangle pattern.
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