Acceptance of Religion within the Young Generation

iStock_000015313669SmallReligion has various meanings depending upon what sort of culture a person comes from. The beginning of religious anthropology is with Al-Beruni. Al-Beruni was an Islamic scholar who had written detailed scientific studies of religions and cultures of Middle East and the Indian sub-continent. Al-Beruni is also known as the founder of anthropology. Anthropologists have reviewed religion of all ages and also studied the symbols which are venerated within these religions.

India is famous for being the land of spirituality and values, as it is the derivation of some religions which endure living today. There are many people living in India who belong to different religions like Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism and Islam. The predominant religion in India today is Hinduism. There are approximately seventy-five percent of Indians who are Hindus. Hinduism is a polytheism religion which has an extensive gallery of God and Goddesses. Acceptance of Indian religion within the young generation of India is a rising issue of today. The kids who grew up in a culture where religion is not intertwined in one’s daily life. The young generation of India is at an age where they can question anything, especially about the value of any tradition.

Parents of the young generation of India are facing a lot of hurdles in making them understand the moral values and principles of Indian religion. Indian culture spreads spectacular realization about Absolute Consciousness. The young generation of India can gain knowledge about their respective religion from the Indian culture, which is the only way for them to know about the true values of various religions in India. Parents belonging to various Indian religions take their kids to temples, churches and mosques where they can easily learn the moral values of their respective religion on a large scale.

India despite being the second biggest country in the world and having old religions does not know how to succeed in helping the young generation realizing the true facts of Hinduism. The young generation also has a lot of misconception about Hinduism for which they are looking for a reliable source. Parents belonging to Hinduism religion want their children to believe in the true moral values of the religion, as it will help them to accept the religion in a perfect manner. In the modern era of today, there are many reliable sources like media, which are helping the young generation of India to accept their religion. Media of today is very strong and it can answer all the questions arising in the minds of younger generation about moral values, principles and traditions of various religions.

A true belief in the Indian religion by the young generation can only come when all the questions in their minds about the moral values and traditions of a religion are answered correctly. Liberalization about Indian religions has become important nowadays. This is the only way which can answer all the arising questions about religion in their minds.