Acid attack in Bengal: A stark reality!


Acid attack in Bengal: A stark reality!


No one will keep me, I want to die, says the acid attack survivor.


West Bengal stands 4th in the number of acid attacks taking place in India every year. There’s no denying the fact that victims don’t get rehabilitation and the medical support that they are promised. It tells us about the horrific lives of survivors who have to constantly cover their scary scars and come to terms with the harsh reality that nobody is going to help them.

One such survivor, Shabana (name changed) was married to her neighbour Shakil (name changed) when after a few days he started demanding money from her. She was pressurized to ask for money from her father. When she refused, her husband threw acid on her face. Her life was saved but the scars remained, leaving her partially blind. After she was discharged from the hospital, she lived with her parents but it became impossible for her poor family to feed her.

One of the lawyers informed her that Shakil had promised to take her back if she took her complaint back.

The young lady has nowhere to go. She has been compelled to take back her complaint in order to live the many years that lie ahead. She went to the court in her husband’s bail hearing and when the judges told her about the monetary help she will be provided with, she broke down in tears. She knows that nobody is going to help her. She knows that nobody would want to stay with her ugly self.

She knows the misery she has to endure. So she says, “I want to die.”



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