A Bad Quality Each Zodiac Has But Despises The Same In Other People

Everyone is judgmental of others flaws. Let’s not deny the fact that we ourselves are hypocrites sometimes in life. No matter how much you deny it, you know that you are not perfect and have a flaw just like others. When we go through the horoscope, the zodiac signs have a lot to say about a person’s attributes, bad and good both. We are talking about that bad quality and a flaw that every sun signs mostly has but they absolutely despise it in others. Mind you, every zodiac has this. Bad quality doesn’t make you a negative person so don’t fret about it and read on to know yourself more on the basis of the zodiac you belong to.

A Bad Quality Each Zodiac Has But Despises The Same In Other People

Aries (21 March- 20 April)

One word that can describe this zodiac is ‘Bossy’. An Aries is pretty bossy, dominating and demanding. The best example of an Aries is Adolf Hitler. Yes, people, you see what am talking about. An Aries is headstrong, dominant and bossy. Being bossy means demanding others of their time and things. But although this accounts for a bad quality in them, they are unaware of it and they absolutely hate it when others do the same with them. They can’t stand it when others are demanding. They can become extremely snappy and throw fits if people get demanding with them. The irony, huh?

Taurus (21 April- 21 May)

Taurus is known for being reliable, stable and grounded and along with this, they are also known for being a boring person ever. A taurean is okay with whatever they are. They want things to be uncomplicated in life and they are never the one who will go out to seek craziness. Although it is good to be stable and certain, it makes them extremely boring. Well, you might say what’s so bad about this? This doesn’t account for bad quality. I know. But what’s worse is that they get bored so easily when their company or friends are not super interesting and can’t stop saying it to them.


Gemini (22 May- 21 June)

Gemini, a zodiac known to have twin personalities is extremely well at socializing. If someone can be called as a social butterfly among the zodiacs then Gemini is it. You can see them being surrounded by people. They can’t stand the thought of being alone and they want to be around people. They want someone to talk to and they want people to listen to them. But they never return the same courtesy. A Gemini isn’t a good listener. They cannot return the courtesy of listening to you. You can rarely see them offering you an ear (not literally 😉 )


Cancer (22 June- 22 July)

Cancer is a zodiac which is extremely good at reading others. Along with it, they are really fast in making their mind about people as well. You will find them talking and gossiping about some girl they just met. They will pass on their judgment and hurt others due to it. It is a bad quality, but what’s worse is that a cancer isn’t well at handling the same when it happens to them. They’ll hide in their own shell when such thing happens to them.


Leo (23 July- 21 August)

A Bad Quality Each Zodiac Has But Despises The Same In Other People

Leos are the proud, confident beings just like lion, the king of the jungle. Just like a lion. Leos demand attention. They want to be the center of attention. They somewhat resemble an Aries because they both are demanding. But what makes a Leo different is that a Leo demands specific things like attention. They always want to be in the spotlight and they seem to get aggravated when others demand the same spotlight. Uh huh, Leo world doesn’t work that way.


Virgo (22 August- 23 September)

‘Opinionated as heck’- an apt way to describe a Virgo. The worst quality of a Virgo is that they can get so judgmental of others. Among all the zodiac signs, Virgo is highly judgmental and critical of others. Although they are kind of a perfectionist it doesn’t give them the right to criticize others, does it? It is better if they tone down the criticism a bit. In addition to that, a Virgo cannot handle it when others criticize them. They will lose it and get into an argument if others point out their flaws.


Libra (24 September- 22 October)

A Libra is the zodiac known to be fair and is regarded as the sign of justice. They abide by it too. They fight for the rights and let me tell you they can get into a debate for it tirelessly. That’s not a bad quality but it is one when they argue on and on about something without giving the fair opportunity for the other person to defend. As per them, justice is served when it is as per them, the Librans.


Scorpio (23 October- 22 November)

Scorpios are pretty unpredictable and sensitive beings. But don’t get duped by them being sensitive because they can be very inappropriate and cruel, that’s their worst quality. It suffices to say that they don’t know where to draw a line. They can hurt you badly with their words and are not considerate about other’s feelings. However, they are really touchy when it comes to their emotions. They can get really sensitive about their own feelings.


Sagittarius (23 November- 22 December)

A Sagittarius is known to be independent and they go on doing things on their own. They can also do pretty weird things along the way and you won’t be able to question it because they don’t like it when others judge them. They are reckless sometimes. They make poor decisions and they can sometimes do damage to their own social image but the thing is they won’t be able to digest it if you point it out to them. They have high regard for honesty but when you lay things out honestly to them on the platter, they despise it.


Capricorn (23 December-20 January)

A Bad Quality Each Zodiac Has But Despises The Same In Other People

Capricorn is a zodiac with the highest amount of self-control. They master the art of self-control and oh, let’s not forget they love controlling others as well. They are manipulative and people often refer to them as cold beings because of their practicality. People know how calculative and manipulative they are. But a Capricorn doesn’t like the company of fellow manipulatives, why because they know how the mind of manipulative works so they hate to be in the company of calculative and manipulative people.


Aquarius (21 January- 19 February)

Aquarians are level headed people but they are pretty stubborn too. They pride themselves even on their worst qualities. They like to be regarded as unique and superior. They want to stand out and want to be special, chosen one among the bunch of other zodiacs. But they can never see others be unique and special and are quick to ridicule the person who does an out of box thing because jealousy gets the best of them.


Pisces (20 February- 20 March)

Pisces is the zodiac that is there but also not there, you know what I mean. Pisces is the group of daydreamers. They are with you one moment and the next they are physically there but mentally somewhere else. They will yap your ear off about their dreams and wishes but they will never work on them but nonetheless, they will want you to listen to them and support them. People around them get tired of their wishy-washy ways. Above that, they will be in their own world when you want to share things about yourself. They will flake you. Daydreamers told you! That’s their bad quality.