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One thing we are always careless about, is our makeup! Not the application but the removal. Women are very conscious about their beauty, very choosy when it comes to picking up an eye shade and grumpy when the winged eye liner becomes a little thick or a little thin. We keep checking our makeup at regular time intervals (every minute) and giving it a touch up, when in a party. But what happens after that? After the party’s over and its time to get back home? We go to bed without even changing our clothes, let alone removing makeup and moisturizing our face. During these times, we end up getting a pimple right on our nose.

Just the way we love our painted face, we should preserve its natural beauty and not let chemicals ruin it entirely. Removing makeup after it had played its part is very important. Not only can it destroy your face but also cause many problems such as skin irritation, redness and cataract. It becomes really difficult to stay up and rub your face clean with a Kleenex for a good ten minutes when all you have on your mind is a dreamless sleep. But we have ways to turn that seemingly difficult tasks into simple ones. Have a quick look at the tricks mentioned below and save your face as well as your sleep!

  • Keep a stash of cleansing clothes in the nightstand so you won’t forget to peel off your makeup before you hit the bed.
  • Wet cotton balls with warm water and rub them in circular motions on your face. After all your colourful makeup sticks on the cotton ball, apply moisturizer onto your skin and.. good night!
  • Baby wipes are miraculous! They are so gentle on your skin and so effective. One swipe on your face with baby wipes and you’re done.
  • Mascara and eyeliners are oftentimes stubborn to remove. Simply open your refrigerator, dab milk on a soft washcloth and get rid of that spooky blackness surrounding your eyes.
  • If you have a dry skin and you are looking for some good natural ways to remove your makeup , try olive oil. Coconut oil works well, too.
  • If you have time and you would do anything to cleanse your face off that makeup before going to bed, here’s what you can do. Take honey on a clean washcloth and add in some baking soda. Your makeup will tear off gently and naturally.
  • Vaseline can be a great makeup remover but you would want to be very careful while using in as it has the power to clog your pores. So when you have no other option, use Vaseline but make sure you wash your face with soap and water.
  • Don’t use a toner because the makeup remover you are using already has astringent in it. Feeding your skin with an extra dose would cause irritation and dryness.
  • Removing eyeliner is extremely difficult. Scrubbing around your eyes will make them sore. So to get done with it smoothly you can, as the skin experts say, be patient and gentle. Take a cotton ball that is completely saturated in the makeup remover, then hold it tight against your eye and just keep it there—don’t scrub. After a few moments, begin to slightly rub from side to side with a little pressure. This will allow the makeup to break down and come off more easily once you’re ready to do a full cleaning.


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