Best ripostes to people making you feel ugly!

Best ripostes to people making you feel ugly!

People say things meant to rip you in half but you hold the power to not turn these words into a knife and cut yourself” ~Rupi Kaur

In life you will come across all sorts of people. Some will try to shatter you and make you feel ugly as your confidence reminds them of their insecurities. Others will simply be the ones who will build you and motivate you. It is however not possible for a human to never get affected by someone else’s opinion and some evil people will cash that.

When someone makes you feel ugly, you really need to make sure you give them a brutal response to snub them right there and then. Otherwise, they will attack you again and again. It is also quite possible that when someone makes you feel ugly, they do not really mean it or know what they are saying. So, you need to give responses in view of that. I have designed 5 best responses for you according to who is making you feel ugly.


  • Best response to a kid:

If a 5 year old makes you feel ugly in any way then no matter how mean it is, you cannot really be mean to them. Usually kids say something that they have heard from some adult and they don’t really know why they are saying so. Hence, you really need to respond to them kindly and tell them what they are saying is not a good thing to do. Usually, when you do not give them your smartphone to play games on it or play with them then they would get angry and make you feel ugly. So, politely tell them that it is not right.


  • Best response to your siblings:

Best ripostes to people making you feel ugly!

Your siblings will love you the most but they will also be the ones who love to tease you. So, when your siblings make you feel ugly then they are usually doing it for fun. You can throw a cushion at them or anything that is in your sight and give them an equally brutal response. It is just how your siblings show you their love.


  • Best response to your boyfriend:

Best ripostes to people making you feel ugly!

Your boyfriend makes you feel ugly by calling you fat or by telling you that you cannot do something big in life then it is time you respond him by making him understand that you know they are simply scared that you might do something big and then tell them goodbye. There is no way that person loves you. So, remove such a toxic person from your life and make space for someone right who makes you feel pretty.


  • Best response to mean friends:

Sometimes your fake friends will also call you ugly or make you feel bad about any aspect of your appearance or personality. Tell them ugliness lies in the eyes of the beholder.Also, retell them that they are doing this because they are simply jealous of you or consider you better than them. You can also respond to them by saying, “I am not who you think I am. You are who you think I am”.


  • Best response to random aunts:

Best ripostes to people making you feel ugly!

We come across such random aunties on a daily basis that make us feel ugly by sometimes telling us that we look short and wide, or our skin is too dark or we are still not married. The best response to give to such aunties is to tell them that this is none of their business and they must concentrate on finding something productive then thinking about you. Tell them to worry about why they are so worried about you and not themselves.

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