Bhavana Reddy: India to Hollywood

Bhavna Reddy: India to Hollywood
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Bhavna Reddy, the 24-year-old Diva, daughter of Raja and Radha Reddy is nothing but an accomplishment in herself. A mastery in Kuchipudi dance; also, embracing the Western contemporary dance style and performing at the Grammy after-party; releasing her first solo EP titled ‘Tangled in Emotions’, to singing a song for the Hollywood movie Joy Ride 3; she has actually come a long, long way.

She states that ever since she was young, she was fascinated by music and dance.

She started learning music and dance at the age of four and learnt Carnatic and violin from Durga Prasad. Simultaneously, she also was learning Kuchipudi from her parents. When 5, she started touring and that’s when she started performing in front of the audience. And when 7, on a US tour and she did ‘Prahalada Charitham’ where she was Prahalada, and her dad, Hiranya Kashyap.

Bhavana Reddy: India to Hollywood
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Performing at the Grammy after party and singing for a Hollywood film is something she can never forget. She performed at the Grammys after-party in 2013. Later, one of her friends, Sam got an opportunity to write lyrics for the Hollywood movie Joy Ride. Having seen her music video covers, he asked her to give voice to his lyrics.


Bhavana Reddy feels that she belongs to the energetic contemporary generation and is lucky to know the traditional Kuchipudi dance. She has released her debut album ‘Tangled in Emotions‘ this year, which is being played on 40 stations across four countries, and wants to do more. Now, she has a concept of bringing the two forms together in a music video which can be accessed by people across the world.

“I’m rooted on the ground but I also see what’s all around,” she says.



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