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ozy india pornFortune favors the bold, something Indian moviemakers learned a long time ago. The film industry in the world’s largest democracy produced its first feature film, Raja Harishchandra, back in 1913.

That film, albeit silent, speaks loudly for an industry that has since evolved into the Bollywood powerhouse of today, and the latest bold stroke is directors welcoming adult film stars into the fold — and shaking things up in the process.

Mainstream Indian actors have traditionally locked lips, even if it pushed the envelope in terms of social acceptability. In fact, the longest on-screen kiss ever in an Indian film dates back to 1933, in the film Karma, lasting a full four minutes.

But what’s “sexy” on India’s silver screen has historically been rather tame — even prudish by western standards. Long lustful glances, wanton lips quivering but never touching and women dancing in the rain, soaking their skin-tight saris, was as steamy as it got. As the years rolled by, even kissing was rolled back as the Indian Censor Board grew increasingly conservative.

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