Elegant and stylish look – braided hairstyles

In Indian history braids have been an essential part. Braided hairstyles suits on women and girls of every age. Whether you are a working women, a mother of two or a college going teen, different styles of braids can make you look simple, elegant yet awesome. You just need to keep trying and experimenting with different styles of braid. In this article, I’ve come up with a very cool hairstyle that combines a pony with two braids to give you a new and attractive hairstyle to suit various occasions. This hairstyle can be tried on medium to long hair. Go through the ten simple steps and refer the picture to achieve a creative hairstyle within minutes. Don’t forget to wash and condition your hair before making this hairstyle.

Things you will need for this hairstyle:

  • Shampoo: Wash your hair before making this hairstyle. It is very important that your hair is well managed before making any hairstyle.
  • Conditioner: Apply a conditioner after washing your hair. This will add softness and shine to your hair and the hairstyle will look even more attractive.
  • Comb
  • A hair spray
  • Two thin plastic rubber bands (Black)

Step by step tutorial for the creative hairstyle:



  1. As shown in the picture start by making a side partition. Side partition means dividing your hair into two sections, one smaller and one bigger.
  2. Use a comb and grab the hair on the smaller section.
  3. Use a hair spray on this section of hair to keep the braid tight without slipping.
  4. Start making a simple tight braid by pulling your hair backwards.
  5. Complete the braid till the length (tip) of the hair grabbed. To make this easy, you can bring the braid to the side of your face (near your ear) when you are half way done as shown in figure 5. Tie the end of the braid with a thin plastic rubber band to secure the braid. Some hair will be left at the tip. Don’t worry about that.
  6. Move all your hair to the other side of your face from over the shoulder to make a side pony. Include the braid in the pony too. The braid should pass exactly from the middle back of your head as shown in figure 6.
  7. Tie the pony along with the braid with a very thin black rubber band. The plastic one will be good for this purpose. Remove the other rubber band that you used to tie the end of the braid in step number 5.
  8. Now, from the lower portion of your pony, take about an inch section of your hair and start making another braid as shown in figure 8.
  9. After you reach till the tip of your, roll this braid tightly exactly over the rubber band on the pony so that the rubber band is covered and the braid itself takes the place of the band. Roll neatly.
  10. You have achieved the final look and you are ready for any occasion with an elegant pony.

Don’t forget that braided hairstyles are always stylish and can give the final touch to your look!

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