MP Bride Demands 10,000 Plants as Wedding Present!

MP Bride Demands 10,000 Plants as Wedding Present!
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With pollution and deforestation on the rise, we see a simple girl named Priyanka Bhadoriya, make a vast change in not only the environment, but also, sending a subtle message to the expensive but useless rituals, of Indian marriages, of exchanging a ton-load of gifts.

A 22-year-old science graduate who resides in Kisipura village, located in the Bhind district of Maharashtra.

This female amazed both, her parents and her would-be husband’s mother and father, when she said what she wanted as her wedding present.

Instead of gold ornaments and diamonds, cash or sarees, all she asked was for 5,000 plants to be planted at her parent’s place and 5,000 at her would-be in-laws’ place.

 The parents of both the children were amazed at this request, and the groom, Ravi Chauhan, loving the idea, immediately agrees to fulfill her humble wishes.

Priyanka told the Daily, “I have been planting saplings from the age of 10. When my marriage was fixed on Earth Day, I was very happy as it reminded me of my emotional bonding with the environment.”

She’s not in the news for arranging the most expensive marriage or wearing the most coveted piece of clothing. She’s in the news for trying to make a change in the environment. We should all care for Mother Nature in the very same way. If every one of us plant at least one tree today, the environment will be largely benefited.

So, Plant a Tree and Save Our Beautiful Planet.


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