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Cancer is a life taking disease if discovered at a late stage. We know that cancer is a genetic or chromosomal problem but according to studies, food that you consume can also have an influence. There are types of food containing many chemicals that you may be eating on a daily basis. They are usually processed foods which are prepared in an unhealthy manner. In this article we will give you some examples of food items that need to be avoided for a healthy lifestyle and that could help reducing cancer.

Processed Meat

In certain customs, processed meat such as bacon, ham, sausage, turkey is consumed on a regular basis. They are eaten for lunch in sandwiches and salads. However, you have to realise that the processed meat is loaded with chemical preservatives such as sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate which can cause cancer of the colon.

Potato chips

Yes! You have read it right; we all love it, but it’s harmful! We all love those easy snacks while watching a movie or reading a book. But those chips contain acrylamide which is a carcinogenic substance activated when the chips are fried or baked at a high temperature. Eventually it causes various types of cancer due to the chemicals.

Salted, smoked or pickled food

These foods have a high level of nitrates and when the chemicals changed to N-nitroso composite in the body it becomes a harmful substance. Therefore those chemicals produce colorectal cancer and also stomach cancer. This is why in Japan there is a high level of stomach cancer due to the high consumption of salted or smoked foods.


Excessive intake of alcohol may cause cancer. According to the World Health Organisation International Agency for research on cancer, excessive intake on alcoholic products may cause mouth, liver, oesophagus, and colon cancer. It is also the second leading cause for cancer after tobacco.

Red meat

A high and daily consumption of red meat help cancer cells to grow in the body. A reduced intake may be beneficial as it provides haemoglobin but excessive intake acts as a danger.

Refined sugar

Refined sugar is known to create a rapid increase in insulin lever which eventually feed the growth of the cancer cells. We usually consume refined sugars through diet soda, cakes, and cookies. The cancer cells feeds on the sugar present in the body more than the healthy cells do.


We hope that in the future you take better care of your health. Listen to your body, how it responds to food and you feel after you ate it. Before consuming any product conduct you can conduct some research so that you can create a better and healthier environment. A healthy world is a happy world!

Niharika Essoo

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