Clean out toxic influences to be happier


Clean out all the toxic influences that diminish your happiness.

~Robin Sharma

Often toxic people bump into us who keep on trying to transfer their negative energies into others. Life is precious and it has better things for us in store. All we need is to learn how to stop bad vibes from taking over our happy moods, good days and contented relationships.

Not all the souls brave enough to say ‘stop, no more’. Then what’s the solution. Do not go crazy on irrational behaviors of toxic people around you in form of college fellows, co-workers and even the family members. What to do? Clean out toxic influences to be happier

Recognition of toxicity in others:

Prior to look for solution, you need to recognize the problem and its intensity. As you fully understand that there’s problem and you need to fix it, it would be easy. As soon as you get rid of denial phase and accept the fact that someone near to you owns unhealthy behavior, it would be easier for you deal with it.

Talk to them open-heartedly:

For this you need to come up with exceptionally friendly tone. To deal with family member or close friend (I wonder how and why you come in friendship with noxious person) is far easier than coping with all others. Talk to them with honesty and in humility. Let them know how their septic patterns make you feel.

Be at emotional distance:

If openly done clear talk won’t work the way you want, then the best is to step aside. Create an ample emotional distance from that person and maintain it by all means. Fact is you cannot make someone to stop pushing your buttons. But, if you find yourself in any such situation, select the optimal way forward and detach yourself emotionally from the whole scenario.

Control your response:

Now that’s the real anti-septic move. To maintain the generated distance, you have to control your response. Do not go crazy with the craving to respond to people with unreasonable conducts and absurd manners. You cannot change others behavior but you can modify your actions. Avoid to react on their emotional chaos and be calm with your approach to ignore them.

Establish your boundaries:

No one is destined with the right to trample anyone down. So, establish certain limits to protect yourself. Take the charge of your life and decide yourself whom to meet and talk and for how long, and when to openly say ‘enough is enough’. Learn to say ‘NO’ and no one can manipulate you ever

Forward a clear message:

if you don’t like their behavior, say it right away. Yeah I know people will take you wrong, rude, ill-mannered and blah blah but till how long one can withstand the huge negativity around. It’s good to take care of people in your life’s loop but you are the one who needs it’s the most. If you don’t give importance to pessimists, arrogant and manipulators etc, they cannot ever take your serenity away.

Ignore their opinion:

Now here comes your real power to ignore toxic people’s opinion. If you succeed in doing so, trust me, no one can destruct your peace of mind. Equip yourself with right attitude, definite decision and meaningful moves to dethrone people with negative vibes.


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