Common Home Decor Blunders

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Decorating one’s home is no mean task and certainly involves a lot of stress and strain on one’s part. If not done properly your home might well turn out to be something unlike the home of your dreams. If you wish to avoid this situation you need to stop making the common home décor mistakes, some of which are mentioned below.

  1. Not Planning Anything

When decorating one’s home it is natural for couples to get carried away and shop indiscriminately without a plan and budget in mind. It is probably the worst thing you could do as the things you end up buying might not fit into your house at all. It is therefore advisable to have a plan in hand before you venture to the market so that you only buy those things which are really required.

  1. Poor Coordination

You might be tempted to paint your bedroom in a vibrant color but chances are that this color palette might not gel with the color tones of other rooms in your house. To avoid creating a discordant note, choose a color palette for your house where the colors in different rooms blend with each other effortlessly.

  1. Impulsive Buying

Refrain from impulsive buying when buying stuff for your house. Whenever you plan to buy something, make sure that it is required in your home and gels well with the other décor items.

  1. Throwing away Existing furniture

You don’t necessarily have to throw away each and every old furniture that exists in your house. Your old furniture can add a vintage and retro look to your house. If you don’t want to be tied down to your old furniture’s you can give them a makeover such that they fit your modern house.

  1. Size does not Matter

When on a furniture hunt you might be attracted to quite many pieces out of which some may not match each other. Do not be tempted into buying all of this furniture as the aesthetic look of your room will clearly be spoiled and also your house will not be able to accommodate all of them.

  1. Over-Cluttering

Over cluttering a particular room with knick -knacks can give a cramped look to the existing space. Therefore do not put too many things together rather do away with those stuff which are really not required in your set-up. By putting away a few extra things you are gifting your room more breathing space.

  1. Monochromatic Rooms

It is a good thing to have your room done up in coordinated colors but having everything in a single color is strictly not recommended at all. When you are doing up a room remember to balance the colors well. If by chance you have a monochromatic room you can break the monotony by adding objects in contrast colors.

When it comes to decorating we suggest you to give full rein to your creativity. And you can definitely succeed in your mission if you learn to avoid these common house décor blunders which stand in between you and the perfect house of your dreams.

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