Desi Diva Contest-Here is our Winner!

Desi Diva Contest


A Saree signifies Indian femininity. It is the oldest garment that has survived modern India. It has come to us all the way from Indus Valley Civilization! The only unstitched garment that embellishes women beautifully is a saree.Desi Diva Contest-Here is our Winner!



From Indira Gandhi to Mandira Bedi, all women, be it a politician or a business woman or a homemaker, women have gladly accepted this traditional wear. It embellishes the beauty of a woman.



Adorn it with a pair of beautiful ear rings, bangles and bindi and look wonderful! Drape it in different ways and express your personality! A saree can cast a magician’s spell on people around you!



We at WomenNow had come up with this amazing contest called ‘Desi Diva’ wherein all you beautiful desi women could showcase us your saree skills!



We had a number of entries coming in, and finally, the top 5 were put up on our facebook page.  A very big thank you to everyone who participated.

Our readers have finally chosen the winner, Prarthana Somkuwar. Congratulations, dear!

As promised, we have come up with a sketch of hers.

Presenting, Prarthana Somkuwar!

We also conducted an interview with Prarthana Somkuwar recently.

Q1. Tell us something about yourself, like your hobbies, you likes and dislikes.

Ans: I’m a simple, ambitious, fun loving girl who loves to spread happiness. I have a sincere, adjusting and friendly nature. During my leisure hours, I like listening music, reading books, sketching and playing guitar. I admire creativity and various forms of art.

Q2. Could you tell us about the kind of saree you wore, like how does that reflect your personality?

Ans: I don’t usually wear saree, but when a chance comes, I like wearing Bengali Saree. I’m not a Bengali girl but I think that it is one of the most beautiful attire and it reflects a decent personality.

Q3. Do you feel Indian women look better in a traditional saree over a western attire?

Ans: I personally do feel that Indian women’s look better in a traditional Saree than in a Western attire, and a Saree is one of the most eternal wear for Indian women.

Q4. Which Bollywood actress do you think looks the best in a saree?

Ans: According to me in a saree, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, looks gorgeous.

Q5. Tell us how you feel after winning the Desi Diva contest?

Ans: I’m feeling happy and blessed that I won the contest. Thank You WomenNow, for arranging the contest and thanks to all those who liked my pic for Desi Diva.

Q6. How do you relate to our website as a woman? What do you like the most about WomanNow?

Ans: WomenNow is a one of the best page I’ve ever come across on Facebook. It is a lovely page as it provides platform for modern Indian women through which she can express her thoughts and ideas. I appreciate the fact that women from different parts of India are joining this page and shrugging off old beliefs.


Desi Diva Contest-Here is our Winner!

Desi Diva Contest-Here is our Winner!

Desi Diva Contest-Here is our Winner!Desi Diva Contest-Here is our Winner!


Desi Diva Contest-Here is our Winner!