Diwali preparation in every house!


Are you excited for Diwali? Deciding on which sweet to buy or which lamp design to put? But readers we all know that Diwali includes much more. What about the household chores? One week before when you clean, brush everywhere in your house. Isn’t it part of the festival? Or when you decide which gift to give? Indeed a long list, but we should realise all these hard work is meaningless compared to the happiness we get on the festival day.

In this article we will talk about the situations that all household faced for Diwali!

House cleaning

The primary aspect! When we think that Diwali is behind doors we also start planning the household chores. What has to be done or what needs cleaning. It is also the time that Dhobi Walas awaits, seeing the amount of clothes they get to wash. It is also the time where we see things that need to be discarded. Even if one year something not used has been in front of you but never thought to discard it.


Diwali is also the time to shop for both love and unloved people. Why? Because its tradition to give gifts to family! Diwali is also the time when money goes. You buy new clothes, shoes, accessorise and lamps, decoration. So think what an expense it is!

Act as if you love everyone

Another fact for Diwali is the time you need to smile and welcome people you don’t meet throughout the year. But on Diwali, surely they will be at your doorstep to exchange sweets or gifts! It is the time where you will see unknown aunties at your door, and behaving as if you are well acquainted.


Another fact is the sweets. Sweets do not appear with a magic stick but the need to be prepared. We all celebrate Diwali eating and sharing sweets. But what about the hard work behind? No one talks about that. People do not know how many sleepless night you had to cook all those sweets. How much headache it is when your Kalakand does not become dry or when your jalebi becomes too sweet.

The firecrackers

Lastly the firecrackers! Do you get irritated when the neighbour bursts his? Or when you want some peaceful time, but its impossible. Each year campaigns are done not to burst firecrackers, it disturbs people and animal but will you really stop? I don’t think so. Else how will you feel it is Diwali? In fact it adds more enthusiasm to the festival and bind everyone on the street.

We wish you a very happy Diwali. Stay safe and stay happy.

Niharika Essoo