DIY lip balm


This is a lightweight organic lip balm that can be used in all seasons and provide your lips the essential nourishment. Lip balms that are available in market are constituted of harsh chemicals and are often expensive than they need to be! Here’s a lip balm DIY that will help you prepare the lip balm of your choice of flavors along with SPF protection.

This lip balm is going to be very light in weight as it is made up of natural ingredients and hence can be used in summers as well! We will also be using natural color so that it acts as a good organic lip color that stays over good amount of time.


• Wax (beeswax)

• Extra virgin coconut oil

• Rose petals (fresh)

• A piece of fresh beetroot (grated)

• And a flavor (strawberry, mango, mint or any of your choice)


1. First of all blend the grated beetroot. And pour out the juice through a sieve.

2. You can drink the juice as it’s very healthy. But collect the residue left on the sieve.

3. Put some beeswax in a bowl that is kept inside a water filled vessel that is put on flame. This will save the wax from catching heat.

4. After the wax starts boiling. Pour 1 tbsp coconut oil into it.

5. Stir the mixture using a chopstick or something alike. Add the beetroot residue. But very little! (a pinch of it) this will provide natural color to your lip balm. You can add more of it if you want to darken the color.

6. Now add the flavor of your choice. Lets say strawberry or raspberry.

7. Stir well again.

8. Add some rose petals now.

9. Hold the bowl with help of tongs and pour it into a container of your choice.  10. Let it cool down at soon temperature. And use it after 12 hours of storage.

Try this amazing DIY asap and we would love to know us t reviews! Hurry!

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