Want to marry the one you love as soon as possible? Does the idea of getting married to your prince charming fascinate you? Then pause and think twice before you do so because there is a good and bad side of everything. Early marriage can have its advantage like you get to spend more years with your partner but it also loads you with hundreds of new responsibilities which you should be capable of fulfilling.

Couples who marriage early, are often immature and they have a real hard time coping with the new responsibilities that come along with marriage. There are many situations in life that can lead to a tiff between the partners, if they marry early. Let’s find out some such situations or responsibilities that can cause a troublesome and stressful life of a young couple.

  1. Lack of maturity: Marriage needs lots of commitment, understanding and the capability to shoulder numerous responsibilities which cannot be expected from two very young people. Maturity is something that is directly related to age. It may vary from person to person but there’s no doubt that no matter what a young couple will have a sense of immaturity. Immaturity is a very big reason for creating quarrels between the partners from time to time. Not only the partner suffers, the lack of maturity also makes it difficult for the individuals to adjust in the new situation with new people around them with very high expectations.


  1. Money matters: Yes, love is what you build your relationship on but the castle of your love will take only seconds to be destroyed, if the financial condition of yours is not good. Though, love is always placed on top when compared to money, in practical life, money does matter a lot. When you are in your parents’ home, they bear your responsibilities and your expenditure but when you are married, it is very obvious of the parents to expect you to bear your expenditures on your own. If you and your spouse are not financially settled, you can have a hard time managing even the basic necessities of life. A very early marriage often includes incomplete academics and a couple who is almost jobless or not earning very well. This is a great reason to worry.


  1. Carefree attitude: You both might have enjoyed a cozy time in the restaurant or a rocking night at the disco with your friends before marriage but these same habits can create a huge fight between you and your partner after marriage. The partner will expect a lot of time and commitment form you which you might feel unable to provide because your age demands lots of fun and frolic. It is especially very hard for a girl when she finds that her spouse is still attending the late night parties while she is expected to do the household chores and look after the elderly people at home. A girl may feel that her freedom has been snatched. This makes her force the husband to stay more at home and then the feeling of restriction is felt by the male partner too.


  1. Communication gap: Early marriage that demands a good amount of money for survival, often leads to lot of hard work. Working day and night may result in lack of time for each other. A bad communication can lead to various issues in life creating frequent tiffs between the partners. Workloads and the pressure to achieve goals also lead to irritation that creates harsh conversations leading to arguments.


  1. In-laws problems: It is a truth that a girl is expected to change a lot after marriage. A wide percentage of homes still restrict the girl’s freedom to wear clothes of her choice, move out freely with her spouse, and spend time with friends and so on. A very young girl may find it very difficult to tackle such situations wisely. Moreover, she also has to bear the taunts of not becoming a mother soon. It is very difficult to explain to the in laws that the couple needs time to settle and bear children.


It is your good luck, if you have found someone you can’t live without but waiting some years to live without him will keep your good luck as it is. Don’t let it change into a bad luck by hurrying into an early marriage. If you are very young and not well settled in life, complete your academics and get a secure job before getting married. A right age, maturity and financial independence are important factors that should not be overlooked over marriage.

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Vineeta Sinha, the owner and president of Vineeta Constructions Co. is a writer and blogger at heart. An economics graduate, the talented writer has been in the writing industry for years. When asked about how she manages the two very different professions, she says, “Construction business is what me and my husband who is a civil engineer dreamt of together and I am glad we succeeded but writing is something I have been doing years before I stepped into the construction world. I was very young when I realized that there was a hidden passion for writing in me and I unveiled it through my school magazine for the very first time and there has been no looking back since then. Though construction contributes more in running my world, writing is something that completes me.”