Ex still texting you? 7 reasons why he still wants to stay in touch!

When you move on, you expect your partner to do so as well. When a relationship ends, it’s meant to bring all contacts to a stop if not the feelings right then. However, is your partner still trying to keep in touch with you? Does he still call and bother you? It might actually annoy you and you might find it harassing at times to deal with the person. You are annoyed because it just adds to the stress that you had tried to filter, or simply because your present partner doesn’t really like it when your ex tries to stay in touch. There are various reasons why our ex texts you and some of the most common ones are mentioned below:

Ex still texting you? 7 reasons why he still wants to stay in touch!


He still misses you


This is the most obvious reasons you could think of. He just cannot stop missing the moments he had with you. You has become a habit, a part of his daily routine and he just seem to accept the reality that you no longer are a part of his life. Texting you gives him the assurance that you still care. Sometimes, that’s just what exes expect to have back, the care.


He knows that you have someone new


This happens almost all the time. When your ex knows that you have moved on with someone better, they just can’t seem to accept the fact that you found someone better. Either they can’t believe that you could get someone better than them or they just want to know how things really are and if at you have a better life with him now. Sometimes, he might just want to leave sarcastic remarks to ridicule you or demotivate you about your new relationship.


He still has your belongings


This might be anything that you left at his place or even a small gift that you had given to him. They just remind him of you. Sometimes material things are associated with moments. And they instantly remind of what the person might have said or done on the day they gave it to you. So if he texted you to tell you that he still has them and you can feel that he is trying to continue the conversation, then chances are he is trying to re-instill your feelings for him. He is trying his best to make you miss him just like the way he misses you.


He wants you back

Ex still texting you? 7 reasons why he still wants to stay in touch!

Your ex might just directly ask you to give him a chance so that you get back to him. He actually texts you quite often to know about your whereabouts and how you day was. He still hasn’t been able to erase your memories and his feelings are still intact. This is especially true if you were the one who broke up and he didn’t. You will find him acting really good and complimenting you more often.


He is just too stubborn


Yeah, some people are stubborn to realise their mistakes. No matter how many times you tell them what they had done to break your heart they cannot assure themselves or accept the fact that they were the one at fault. For now when he texts, he still asks you the reason why you left him. No answer seems to satisfy him. He feels that he was good enough for you and he can’t fathom why you could have made the decision to let him go.


He couldn’t find someone better


Every time he has tried to date, the thought of you has repelled him from other women. Even if he did, he seems to compare them constantly with you. That has made it difficult to give a fair chance to anyone else. You set a benchmark which is difficult for another woman to reach, let alone cross. It’s all the more difficult now to convince himself that he could get a better partner than you.


Just so that he knows you are doing well

Ex still texting you? 7 reasons why he still wants to stay in touch!

It is not necessary that he wants you back and this is why he is texting you. He just wishes to keep that connection open. He still respects you and wants the best for you. He wants to know if you are doing well in life and if you did get things that you always wanted to. No matter what, he still loves you and wants to keep a check. It kills him to know that you are no longer there but he also accepts the fact that you should get the best of everything.


Sometimes, matters of the heart are difficult to understand and generalise. If your ex is texting for either of these reasons, speak to him if you want to and if your situation permits. If getting back to him is what you want too, then let it be so. If you want to end it once and for all then be firm and send out a clear message.