My Facebook experience: Part 2

My Facebook experience Part2


The beginning of this relationship was good as compared to what happened later. He was a drug addict, a male escort, a local rowdy. I didn’t give up when these secrets were shared with me. I must have known these things earlier but I didn’t lose hope. I decided to make a good man of him and then slip away silently. Everything became clear to me at once. The way He and his friend cheated me and the way I would be treated now. I genuinely believed him when he said he loved me. God! How well he lied!

The days passed and happy moments turned into terrible ones. I wouldn’t mention here the way he tortured and harassed me for when I think of it, I become depressed even after two years. My friends were very supportive and they told me everyday to let go of that horrendous man. I don’t know what made me hold on. Everyone who knew about me had the same opinion, I too could see it, yet.

I would like to state one particular incident here.

He called me one day and said he would meet me at some place in the morning. I agreed and asked him if he would be okay if I was accompanied with my friend. He always despised my friends, abused them, but he didn’t mind my suggestion. So I waited with my friend but he didn’t show up. After several of my calls going unanswered, he answered and told me he was sleeping. He lashed out at me telling me I had disturbed his sleep. Fuming with anger, I switched off my phone. He called up my friend and said he would be there in 30 minutes. We waited and he didn’t show up again. After calling him, he said he was waiting at a different location. We went there and surprise! He wasn’t there.We knew he was fooling us and we tried to ignore his calls. But that nincompoop of a man did not stop there. He called and called and called. When I answered, he abused me saying he’d been waiting for me at the location he first mentioned.

 Many incidents far worse than these took place when one day I decided to end my life. It was too much to bear. My friends were well aware of the insults he threw at me and his violent behaviour. They knew all that was going on. They told my parents about it and the big secret was out. My parents were broken like me but did what they could. They warned that boy (I loathe taking his name), they told him to stay away from me, they told His parents about it and my two bad years came to an end.

Though I have simply stated all the facts, I was suffocated with my relationship. In those years, I learned a lot about life. It was a nightmarish experience but I came through it, hurt and broken. Two years have been passed and I’m trying to forget whatever happened but it is deeply ingrained in my memory. I’m living a far better life now. I’ve drastically changed. I’ve become stronger but I’m not the girl, the woman of steel I once was. I have turned quiet, detached and wise. I’m easily hurt and whenever I hear such stories, I feel depressed. I try to reach out to people being  harassed and I’m very careful when it comes to men.

Talking about Facebook, I know it has broken several hearts but had helped people find true love. Nevertheless, I blame Facebook instead of my own sanity and will never be back at it for it still serves as cruel reminder of my history.


[NOTE : This is not a work of fiction.]



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