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If you have something in full print… do not throw it away, Seems like prints are back from 80’s.


print 80s




Textile printing and fabric printing has always played a role in the evolution of fashion and continues to be an influence in style trends for men, women and children today. As textile and garment printing techniques, inks and materials progress, new and exciting opportunities are being laid for designs in fashion.

Famous fashion designers have seen vast success with their trends, in the 1970s designer Gianni Versace was one of the first designers to successfully introduce vibrant and exotic prints into his clothing line – this introduction was so successful that it became the predominant theme and foundation of Versace’s collections today.

If you choose to put textile print or fabric printing at the heart of your brand, in retail you are more than likely going to be a commercial winner. Cath Kidston is just another example of how a passion for prints in retail can lead to a global multi-million empire.

In previous years of textile printing, digital textile printers opted to use digital printing as a method to proof textiles before the larger runs were rolled out. These digital printers were often slower and irrational options for larger volumes of printing – however this is no longer a problem, with the ‘digital revolution’ system printing rates have now increased.

Whether starting your own fashion designs, fashion brand or boutique, fabric printing could be your launch pad to success. A unique and eye-catching pattern, universal to a range of customers could see your design acknowledged and becoming recognised to the point of success.

Printing has become so essential to fashion trend analysis that upcoming designers or fashion houses should always look to patterns for one part of their collection – it can say a lot about a collection, become the heart of a brand, in addition to making a mark within a trend.






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Monica Singh
MoniCa Singh is Fashion Designer from NIFT (New Delhi), Currently she enrolled in a Fashion Marketing degree from Parson’s New School in New York. It is her passion to bring fashion to the women who would like to establish their own style in the fashion world.Monica, as is an Acid Attack Survivor with zeitgeist in life, is also Vice-President of MakeLovenotScars, an NGO in India that works on improving the sometimes so cruel society. Further, she is a motivational speaker and gives personal guidance to women that seek her advice.