Fashion Sneakers – Fashion on your Feet


Fashion Sneakers – Find Fashion on Your Feet

Do you spend most of your time outdoors? Do you like roaming streets than cuddling pillows on bed? If yes then you ought to be the first person to roger this. Speaking of street fashion footwear ‘Fashion Sneakers’ are the latest hit. So bid farewell to ballerina flats for they have pirouetted out of the picture. At least they are no more in the front row.


Fashion sneakers have been showcased in various fashion weeks across the globe. Poland Fashion Week, Prague Fashion Weekend and Seoul Fashion Week are to name a few. In the Berlin Fashion Week, attendees lived up to its casual fashion reputation by sporting such sneakers with faux fur coats, big scarves and hats which proved to be quite a statement.


IMG_6140Fashion Kicks!!

The term ‘Fashion Sneakers’ may seem like a bit of an oxymoron but if you look hard enough you’re bound to find some stylish and sensible sneakers out there that would a perfect combination of fashion and comfort, and sport and style.  Also referred as ‘Kicks’ these could be something as simple as black Achilles Sneakers or printed or studded ones that could match with your little dress, shorts, denims and any other wear.

White Is In

A pair of clean pristine white sneakers looks the coolest and is the most sought-after amongst many other attractive designs.  The best thing about white sneakers is that you can wear them with practically anything. Yes, ANYTHING. When worn with a black crop top, white blazer and white pants it would make you look very chic. The very same sneakers would easily blend with you summer white dress giving you the sweet girl-next-door look. And you know how it is going to look with your denims right? Trendy.


Sneakers Wedges – The ComboIMG_6142

Sneaker wedges would elevate the excitement if you love your favourite pair of sneakers and wedges equally as much. Besides experiencing the comfort factor you could also look voguish with this type of footwear. A good pair of sneaker wedges in black or tan would easily match with as many outfits.

Work Outs Aren’t Same Anymore

When it comes to the best running sneakers, Nike is one of the companies that you can trust completely. Their running shoes are one of the most comfortable shoes on the market. Also these running shoes offer a lightweight feel and amazing support. Don’t be surprised if you find them attractive neon colours. After all these colours could motivate and inspire your workouts.

Thus a pair of fashion sneakers are ideal for wearing with a dressed down, casual outfit. They’re also great if you’re going to be on your feet all day. So flaunt your feet with these sneakers and ‘Kick’ some….well you know what.


More about shoes from our fashion expert Monica Singh is here!

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