Feeling tired all day?

Feeling tired all day?

Now, you don’t have to feel tired all day!

It is SO easy to curse busy lifestyle for fatigue. It might be absolutely right that busy and hectic schedule leave you longing for a good night’s sleep. But do you find yourself asking ‘Why do I feel tired all the time?’

Healthspan, a vitamin company had a survey that claimed 97% of the people interviewed felt tired most of the time. Struggling to get up in the morning, frowning when you are asked to work extra time, yawning every hour and thinking when will you go back to sleep are symptoms you are fatigued easily and need help. Here are the causes of tiredness and how you can beat them.

  • You don’t exercise

Feeling tired all day?

Trying to bang your alarm when it wakes you up for your morning exercise is going to work against you. If you think sleeping extra and avoiding exercise will help you with your fatigue, you’re wrong. Exercising regularly keeps your heart and lungs healthy. These organs supply oxygen to your cells and tissues making your body  function effectively. Join a gym or take a morning walk or practice yoga. It will keep you focused throughout the day.

  • You are not drinking

Feeling tired all day?

Drinking water. The most important thing for combating all your ailments. From thinning hair to acne to diseases to fatigue, water can do unbelievable wonders. Gulp down at least eight glasses of water everyday. If the thought of drinking water makes you sigh, drink juices and eat fruits that have maximum water content such as watermelon. Dehydration will reduce your blood pressure and make your heart work hard to pump blood, straining your entire body. If your urine is dark, drink every two hours.

  • You have low or high blood sugar

Feeling tired all day?

If the level of sugar in your blood is low, you won’t have the energy to work. Eat healthy food to spike up the level of sugar. If you are over- eating, your body will coax you into taking a nap. The foods which you think will give you energy will be the cause of your fatigue if you over eat them. Avoid sugary drinks and snacks such as biscuits and chocolate bars that will quickly rise and dip the sugar level in your blood leaving you irritated. Go for low sugar foods such as Brown rice and wholemeal pasta.

  • You’re not sleeping properly

Feeling tired all day?

Using smartphones and tablets right before going to bed will give you inconsistent sleep, the kind when you keep waking up at ungodly hours. Smartphones emits blue light that releases the ‘wake up’ hormones of your brain, arresting you from sleeping well. If you haven’t slept soundly at night, you are definitely going to feel weary all day. Resist the need of checking emails and playing games or chatting on your smartphones an hour before going to sleep.

  • You have an iron deficiency

Most women lack iron in their system due to heavy periods. Iron removes waste from your body. It transfers oxygen. It makes you feel alert. If you pull down your lower eyelids and the rim of your eyes look pale rather than pink, congratulations, you have iron deficiency. Get the necessary 18 milligrams of iron in your diet everyday by eating dried fruits, lean meat, green vegetables, and pulses. It will get you going!

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