The top 4 short dress rules for the summer

It is summer and finally we can pull out that short dress from our cupboard and wear it for the world to see. We are sure you must be itching to wear those short sexy dresses but did you know that not all dresses can make you look good. You need to wear dresses that enhance your looks and make you look awesome. If you have no idea what we are talking about then read on to know more.

  1. Comfort

When wearing a short dress the first factor one should consider is how comfortable one is in it. If you spend a major part of your time pulling and adjusting your dress then that shows that you are clearly uncomfortable wearing it. If a bulge is bothering you then hide it with a shapewear or if you are not too comfortable in exposing your legs then wear a pair of transparent stockings. For fashion essentially means being comfortable in what you wear so always wear what makes you comfortable.

  1. Go By Your Body Type

Don’t simply buy a short dress just because you liked it or you saw your favorite celebrity wearing it. Before buying a dress always try it on. Dresses come in various patterns such as A-line, bodycon, strapless, halter-neck, empire line etc. and chances are that not all of these might suit a particular body type. Choose a pattern that does justice to your body type.

short dress rules

  1. Wear the Right Footwear

It is not simply sufficient to wear a nice outfit. You need to choose the right footwear that goes with your outfit. When wearing short dresses it is a good idea to wear high heels as this gives a leaner look. Depending on your preferences you can choose between wedges, stilettos or pumps. But don’t dismiss your flats altogether. Casual ones and flats in floral prints and also look good with short dresses.

  1. The Right Length

What is short for one person may not be that short for another person. The definition of short varies from person to person. If you are undecided about the length of your dress we offer you a simple technique which will help you decide. Stand straight with your arms by your side and note the point where your fingertips touch your thighs. Ideally the length of your dress should be below this point. But this is a subjective issue. If you are comfortable wearing extremely short dresses then go ahead by all means. Just see to it that it suits you so that you pull off the look well.

Like any other outfit, dresses too come with their dos and don’ts list. If you have followed the instructions right we are sure you will look like a million bucks but if you get your look wrong then there is no way we can stop you from ruining your look. The tips mentioned above will surely act as a great pointer in helping you choose the right dress.

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