Freeze the herbs you don’t need – tasty and smart

Freeze the herbs you don’t need – tasty and smart


So what should you do with herbs that you did not use yet and you know you will not be able to use? They rot or you throw them away. But wait, there is a possibility that allows you to keep them!

Freezing herbs means keeping herbs for a later use. Most frozen herbs are even more aromatic then dried ones – and they keep their color.

Wash the herbs immediately thoroughly after harvesting, dry them thoroughly, remove brown spots, then chop and freeze them. Best ways to store them are ice cube trays – so the herbs are apportioned equally ready to cook. Put the chopped herbs in the ice cube tray, add water and put it in the freezer.

use herbs 2

When you need them, just add them to the dish you are cooking and it will automatically thaw.

An interesting alternative could be – and we at WomenNow prefer it – to add native olive oil to the herbs, instead of water.

Mostly all herbs can be frozen such as rosemary, sage, thyme, oregano, chives or parsley and of course herbal mixtures. Only basil will lose its flavor and turn brown.

Still make sure you use the frozen herbs within one year. Check out the site for more smart and healthy stuff!


Enjoy your meal!