Get a fairer bikini area – Beauty recipes

Get a fairer bikini area – Beauty recipesAs your D-day approaches, you have to make yourself ready for your charming prince. Not just a curvy figure, but a smooth and spotless body is always cherished. A perfect body gives confidence of wearing various dresses, even if it comes to wearing bikini. A lot of women do not feel comfortable in bikini, as they do not have a perfect bikini area to display. Well, nothing is perfect, right? You have to make a few efforts to step towards perfection.

When it comes to having a perfect bikini area, removing hair is not just enough. In this world of accuracy, you need to make a lot more efforts to attain a perfect bikini area. So, how to make your intimate area more appealing? How could you save yourself from embarrassments of wearing bikini, fearing that your body flaws will be exhibited? Well, all these questions are answered in the following portion of the article, and thus take a look:


Getting Brighter and Smoother Bikini Line

In order to get a brighter and smoother bikini line, you should consider removing off the unwanted hairs from your body’s intimate zones. For removing unwanted hairs, you should undergo waxing process, which does not only ensure hair removal, but also ensure removal of the dead skin cells. This is why waxing should be preferred over hair removal creams and razors. Even though hair removal creams can be used occasionally, your must not use razors to shave your bikini line. Constant shaving with razors causes quick re-growth of hairs. Moreover, re-grown hairs become harder, darker and more prominent.

Homely Touchup for Your Skin

It is needless to mention that skin texture plays a major role in the overall sex appeal of a woman. Thus, your skin needs pampering so that it stays rejuvenated, protected from the danger of getting wrinkles, stretch marks, etc. To take care of your skin, you do not need to visit beauty spa or salon everyday – just a few home based remedies would cater magical results. Here are those home based measures:

  • Create a natural scrub

Scrubbing is an effective technique of removing dead skin cells and thus it helps the skin to gain its shine as well as glow. Your bikini line would look perfect if you can apply some home based scrubbers regularly. To make a home based scrubber, you need a pinch of saffron, mixed in four teaspoon milk. Now add calamine powder and poppy seeds to the mixture, along with orange peel powder and a few drops of honey. Gentle scrubbing with this natural scrubber would make your bikini line glowing, shiny and appealing.


  • Another Scrubber Recipe

Take a half banana and mash it roughly. Add 1 teaspoon bran to it and a pinch of dry rose petal powder. Massage your bikini line with this thick paste and then wash off properly. This will keep your skin rejuvenated, smooth and beautiful.


  • Make a Bikini Pack

Just like scrubber, you can make your own bikini pack at home. For this, you need sandalwood and Kaolin powder. Add water to the mixture and make a paste, then add one teaspoon cucumber and orange juice respectively. Leave this pack applied on your bikini line for at least 10 minutes and then wash off properly. For attaining smooth, shiny and lusty skin texture, this home based paste works amazingly.


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