A girl or woman, who are you?

Are you a girl or a woman?

A girl or a woman, who are you?

According to the dictionary,

Girl: a female child, a young woman, a usually young woman from a specified kind of place

Woman: an adult female human being, a woman who has a specified job or position

I’m not going to stereotype women the way our world does. I’m not going to abuse, misuse or show biases to the two terms. I’m going to tell you what separates a girl from a woman. Place a checkmark against these conditions if they resemble you even slightly to find out if you have matured enough to be called a woman. According to me, a woman is an independent, controlled, self-respecting female who have enjoyed being a girl but have reached a point of ‘no kidding with me.’A girl, on the other hand, is immature, childlike and haven’t grown completely to respect herself. Opinions expressed are highly personal.


  • When talking about sexuality

  • A girl uses her sexuality as a tool to fulfil her desire.
  • A woman uses her intelligence to attract attention. She is comfortable with her sexuality and does not use it as a tool to seduce.


  • Reaction vs. Response

  • When a girl is angry or hurt, she cuts off communication with you or she starts throwing tantrums. She becomes aggressive and doesn’t want to talk about anything.
  • A woman takes the opposite road. She is ready to discuss the issue. She takes the initiative of communicating and solving the problem.


  • Knowing thyself

  • Girls are suspicious by nature. They don’t know what path to choose, what to become, what to do, where to go etc. They are confused souls when it comes to making decisions.
  • A woman has a heightened sense of self-awareness. She knows the course of action to take in order to achieve something.


  • Trying something new

A girl or woman, who are you?

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  • Girls chicken out when they are asked to do something out of their comfort zone. Whether it’s a simple task or a professional one, girls become nervous and fail, oftentimes.
  • Women go reverse. They leap at the opportunity. They try their best, they aren’t afraid of failures and they are ever-ready to face challenges.


  • Expectations

  • A girl expects more than what she is worthy of. She wants more than how much she gives.
  • A woman knows what she is entitled to. She doesn’t expect a princess treatment but demands what she is worthy of, no more, no less.


  • Romance

A girl or woman, who are you?

Instagram Account: saakshionthemap

  • A girl hopes her prince will come riding on a horseback in shining armor. Her love story will be like the one she reads in fairy tales or the one she sees in fiction movies.
  • A woman knows how a relationship is built. With trust, respect, love and honesty. She doesn’t wait for any Prince charming. Read: The qualities that men love in women


  • Money

  • A girl isn’t financially stable. Her financer is either her daddy cool or her cute boyfriend. She never pays for the meal she eats with her boyfriend.
  • A woman is independent and stable. She pays for the meals/drinks herself and doesn’t wait for someone to pay. She spends logically, carefully and doesn’t whip out her purse if she sees a beautiful dress.


  • Fashion

  • Girls strive on the latest fashion trend irrespective of their comfort zone. She follows what her favorite celebrity does, lives on salad and starves if need be.
  • A woman knows herself. While many girls might be fighting for trending skirts, a woman will be seen buying maxi dresses, or whatever is comfortable for her. She has her own style statement.



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