Greasy hair? Here’s the care.

 Greasy hair? Here’s the care.  

Most females are forever gripped with the problem of managing their hair. Short, long, thin, thick, dyed, colored or whatever, everyone’s hair gives away one mutual ugly sign : *greasy*. Oily strands dangling from the head looks unappealing and steals away the confidence of a girl. We have changed shampoos, used serums, tried home-made remedies from eggs to milk, but the grease, the plenty of oil that accumulates in our hair from nowhere seems to be stuck like so kind of parasite. Hair type plays another role in determining the texture, of course, but I’m certain people with coarse hair also have to face this obstacle.

Before blaming anything else, we must first brush off the mistakes that we make. From touching too often to conditioning the wrong way, here are some common causes of greasy hair and how to shoot them. Hell yeah!

  • Don’t wash your hair every other day

Greasy hair? Here’s the care.

Your hair looks oily and we are stopping you from washing them. Sounds absurd right? Washing your hair too often makes it more greasy. When you strip your scalp from the essential nutrients more often, it quickly tries to minimize the damage by overproducing oil. So if you are washing your hair daily, try washing it after every two days and if you are washing it every two days try washing it every four days.

  • Hair straightening

Greasy hair? Here’s the care.

By straightening hair, you are flattening it near your scalp rather than keeping it wavy. This reduces air circulation and allows your hair to stick more towards the scalp and absorb more oil. This, in turn, causes the scalp to produce more oil and sweat since the essential oils are sucked up by your hair and its devoid of air circulation. Go for a wavy, curly or a natural look.

  • No-Brushing or Over-Brushing

Greasy hair? Here’s the care.

If you are not brushing your hair, you are allowing natural oils to build up on your scalp. When you brush them properly, you distribute the nutrients equally in your hair. On the contrary, if you are brushing your hair too often, you are insisting grease to enclose itself on your hair. Maintain a healthy balance in how often you allow grease to stick to your hair. Brush once or twice a day from roots to tips to avoid build up and brush your ends as many times as you want to detangle it.

  • Avoid touching it

Playing with hair strands is a common trait found in most girls. Though it looks cute, the effect it has looks shabby. Your fingertips and your skin produce oils that can be transferred to your hair if you touch it. Avoid using hairstyles that pleads you to touch your face and hair too often.

  • Conditioning the wrong way

When you condition your hair, let your scalp rest in peace. Conditioning hair weighs it down and makes it greasy if you apply it on your entire head. To stay safe, condition from the mid-length to the ends. Also, try to minimize the hair care products that promise ‘Ek minute me shinewarnapaisewapas!’😉