Hair treatment: Make it yourself!

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You can make with the home ingredients yourself a hair conditioner!
A cure which maintains the hair, must contain certain active substances. Fortunately we can find these substances also in things that we actually use as food – cottage cheese and yogurt, for example. They contain milk protein -the keratin which is very similar to the  a natural hair module. The fat – like Lecithin substance – nourishes the hair and protects it from drying out. Vegetable oils and waxes such as almond, wheat germ or jojoba also provide your hair with valuable lipids. The effect on your hair is amazing, it will be shiny and looks healthy.

1) With yogurt and egg against very dry/ frizzy hair


150 g natural yoghurt (3.5 percent)
1 beaten egg
2 tablespoons jojoba oil
1 teaspoon of honey
2 drops of wheat germ oil

Here’s how:

Mix together all the ingredients together and heat it in the microwave – not hot but a little bit warm. You achieve the best effect when your hair is still a little bit wet (towel dry). Then applie the mixture to the hair (lengths and ends). Cover your hair with a plastic cap or a towel – which intensifies the effect and prevents the cure for drying out. After max. ten minutes wash your hair like usually. You can use the mixture up to 2 times a week.


2) With avacado and lemon against low moisture, dull hair


1 ripe avocado
2 tablespoons jojoba oil
1 dash lemon juice

Here’s how:

Peel and liberate the avocado from the core. Put the fruitflesh into a bowl and crush it with a hand blender. Meanwhile, add the oil and the lemon juice. The mixture should then be applied into the wetted hair but avoid your hairline.

Leave it for 15 minutes, then rinse the remains initially with lukewarm water, then wash the hair with a mild shampoo. You will see your hair will be shinier after the treatment.
You can use that conditioner twice a week.

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