The healing power of touch

The healing power of touch

In earlier days, terms such as anxiety, stress and depression were rare and looked upon very seriously. But these days all these things have become so common, every other person is going through it and therefore, people are actually haywire about how to deal with them. If you are someone who struggles with dealing fear, anxiety and pain, then this article is going to be of great help as we unveil the healing power of ‘touch’.

Hypothetical Situation

You are watching a horror movie in a theatre with your friends. A scene occurs where the protagonist is looking for the evil spirit and it shows up from the most unexpected corner. What do you do? You get shit scared and bounce on your seat and immediately grab the hands of the person sitting next to you and hold on as your heart pounds.

Many researches carried out have proven that we humans solicit touch in moments of fear and anxiety as the touch sensation had huge mental and physical benefits.

How does touch sensation work?

When you touch someone in moments of fear, scare or pain, your body tends to release a hormone called oxytocin which is responsible for relieving stress and anxiety from your body.

Here are some useful tips to tap the power of touch and experience its healing processes –


  • HUGS

The healing power of touch

A cute warm hug is indeed the quick answer to your pain and anxiety as it instantly activates the millions of sensory receptors present in your skin and they send calming messages to your nerves. This lowers down your heart rate and helps you settle down your pain and hence, you feel less tensed.


The healing power of touch

Remember how rejoiced you felt while you cuddled with your soft toys back in your childhood? Well! That delightful feeling when you touch something soft whether a soft fabric or a soft object leads to activation of reward centers in your brains that eventually helps you curb stress. Next time your feel stressed, get into a cozy baby blanket or a pair of your silky pajamas.


The healing power of touch

Like soft textures, warm sensations also have great effect on shortening tensed emotions. Exposing yourself to warm sensation makes gives you a feeling of care and comfort as it helps produce oxytocin in your body. Get hold of a warm drink or stand in the sunlight for some time to soak in the bliss of touch healing.


The healing power of touch

Nature as we all know has colossal benefits for our mental well-being. Spending time with nature keeps you energized and you feel less stressed as the extravagant visuals are not just a treat for your eyes but also medicine for your anxiety. Try walking barefoot on the grass or feeling the rose petals next time you feel stressed. It will be great help!


The healing power of touch

Massages are renowned stress busters as they reduce inflammation and energize you to high levels. You do not need to invest in expensive spas and rejuvenating center as even a small ten minutes massage with hot oil will help you quickly release oxytocin hormones in your body. Get regular massages to keep the blow flow in the body hale and hearty.


The healing power of touch is spellbound and magical as it makes you feel associated to instant happiness and joy and also, enhances pleasurable emotions making you feel closer to your loved ones. So next time you feel stressed out, cuddle your pet or take a barefoot walk in your garden or just simply slip into your silky pajamas.


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