Honey – The wonder drug

honeyThis beauty tip comes from Egypt, where women always had used lukewarm honey, for example as a moisturizer applieng on the face. Also on chapped lips causes the sweet mass miracles.

It cleans the skin for a delicate rosy complexion

Bring water to boil, dissolve a tablespoon of honey in it and add a squeeze of lemon. Keep your cleansed face for five minutes with a towel over the steam. Then refresh yourself with a water-soaked cotton pad and face lotion.


Delicate Lips The most famous Tip:

Apply the honey on the lips and let it move in! This maintains cracked bodies and makes them soft again.



It helps wounds heal. For small wounds: honey has anti-inflammatory and closes the breach airtight. So the germs are killed. Also helps with burns!



Honey - The wonder drug

It gives you a luxurious feeling for your skin. You solve a cup of honey in two cups of warm milk, and add a tablespoon of olive oil. The ideal bath temperature is 38 degrees, for ten minutes. The bathwater cares and is great for itchy, cracked skin, because it provides a lot of moisture. For delicate feet: a lotion with honey, then pull a few old socks over it. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.



It provides deep sleep! Warm milk with honey is soothing and helps in the evening to sleep. It is important that the milk is warm and not hot, otherwise the wonder drug can change its chemical composition and it can cause toxins.



Honey combats pimples – even blemishes. You can apply honey on them, because it makes them heal faster. Additionally it helps with insect bites.



Honey strengthens the hair – even dry, limp hair! Honey conjures a strong mane. Solve a tablespoon of honey in a sink full of warm water and rinse your hair in it. The mixture will give you a great shine to your hair.



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