How to avoid eye infection when you wear lenses


Contact lens wearers are increasing in number more than ever before. You need contacts for a different look at a party or to replace your glasses forever. Sometimes, you get an eye infection and you feel guilty for wearing contact lenses. By avoiding these mistakes you can keep your eyes healthy and free from any infection causing bacteria. So, time to get contact lenses and wear them without any fear. Use the following tips and keep eye infections at bay:

Wash your hands properly:

Do not touch your contact lenses unless you wash your hands properly. I would recommend an antibacterial soap or hand wash for that purpose. You do not only need to wash your hands after using the toilet. Research suggests that even everyday use items like your keyboard contains perilous amounts of bacteria. So, washing your hands thoroughly helps you in transferring any bacteria to your contact lenses.

Store your contact lenses in a storage case:

Make sure that you use sterile contact lens solution and not tap water to rinse your storage case. Furthermore, it is advised to make sure that you replace your lens cases after every three months. Even though you must clean them but cases get contaminated so, replacing them regularly is crucial.

Always use fresh solution:

This is a very common practice among contact lens wearers to let the old solution in the case and simply top it off with some fresh solution. Let me tell you that this must be a part of your morning ritual to throw away used solution and after wiping the case with clean tissue and completely drying it, use fresh solution to fill the case.

Do not lick or stick:

When contact lenses dry out, do not lick them before you put them in your eye. Just because you have seen every other contact lens wearer do it does not mean there is no harm in it. This is quite an easy way for bacteria to latch onto the lens and then travel to eye. Use a solution when lens dries out rather than your saliva or tap water.

Do not sleep with your lenses on:

No matter how tired you are and you just want to hit the bed as soon as you reach home, you must take off your contact lenses first. Sleeping without taking them off will decrease the oxygen supply that your eyes require. This can lead to swelling of your eyes.

Do not take them in water:

While taking shower or swimming, bacteria can easily get stuck to your lens and lead to severe infections. If you really need to keep them on and you do not have lens storage case with you then you need to disinfect your lenses afterwards. Water has no dearth of infectious organisms so, you must avoid water at any cost when it comes to your lenses. Do not take your eyes lightly for you might have to pay high price for a simple mistake that you made ignorantly.








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