How to date a girl ?

How to date a girl

You fancy a girl.

You very much want to be with her.

You ask her out.

She accepts.

What next?

Dating a girl is one of the most difficult tasks for a man. Men know how to treat a girl fairly. No, its not about that. The dilemma lies in whether something liked by one girl will be liked by another. Girls have the most confusing brain. It’s difficult to please them but once you do, she will love you endlessly and  you will most certainly be proud of your decision. Now that a you have asked a girl out and want your name to be mentioned in her good books. The critical question is “How?”

Well, here’s everything you need. From books to looks, we are going to give you perfect tips on making your date a huge success.


  • Dress Modestly– Your personality should reflect your behavior. Its not necessary to dress up too extravagantly, wearing everything that’s trending! A girl will appreciate you if you dress appropriately, not too glamorously that will look way beyond her league, leaving her thinking she’s unfit for you. And not too casually either, giving her the impression that you don’t care! If you think you’ve dressed modestly, you will be confident in your approach.


  • Be Confident– There exists a thin line between confidence and arrogance. Be calm and gentle. Make her feel that you know about the place you’re going to take her to and show her that you are a successful man. If you try to pretend something which you aren’t, she will notice it in jiffy and you’ll end up losing your girl.


  • Make her comfortable– Be Gentle. Do gentlemanlike things such as pulling a chair for her, opening her car’s door, settlement of the bill etc. Don’t take her to places she is uncomfortable with such as your home, a bar or a strip club. Take her to a location she will enjoy. Perhaps a museum, cinemas, a fair, to lunch etc. If she is enjoying a concert, spend more time there and don’t quickly jump to dinner.


  • Compliment her – Here, don’t get sexual. Don’t tell her how good her body is or how wonderful her hair smells. Rather tell her she is looking beautiful and the dress is perfectly suiting her. Don’t just keep bragging about how pretty she looks otherwise she will get too bored too soon. If she’s pretty, she might be too comfortable with people complimenting her. Try and make an eye contact but don’t stare at her. Complimenting a girl with pick up lines will annoy her. Be yourself.


  • Don’t get too physical- The most important point. When men are attracted to a girl dressed in sleek garments who look overwhelmingly beautiful, they try hard to resist themselves from touching her. Stating simply, when men like a girl, they try to make physical contact. Clear warning : Keep distance. Maintain talking distance between the two of you. Don’t try to hug her or pat her hands if she’s nervous and not ready. It will look needy, desperate even. If you really can’t control the man in you (wink), you can do usual things such as keeping your hands on her shoulders while standing in queue for buying a movie ticket, holding hands while watching a movie, shaking hands etc.


  • Talk passionately – Talk about how you spent your day, talk about your hobbies, your work. Don’t bore her with overloaded information. She might, after all, not be interested in what you do at work and why are you working at a particular project regarding plastic phones. Take an interest in her. If she isn’t ready to reveal information about herself, switch to general topics like the weather, the schemes launched by the PM, the new mall that will be built in the vicinity etc. But hey, avoid talking on serious issues such as disasters, infanticide, abortion and such distressing topics. Be humble. Be honest in your opinion. Be sincere in your promises. If you liked her and had promised her you will add her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, do it right away. On the contrary, if you didn’t quite like her company, apologize and frankly tell her its not likely to work.



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