How To Judge People?


Judging a person isn’t really difficult.If you observe a person’s body movements and gestures and if you know how to predict them, you’re on your way of becoming a detective or a cop! We judge a person all the time. Based on her appearance, her voice modulation, the brand she wears, the way she pairs her Denims with a crop top, the way she looks at you.. and the list is endless. But our judgements aren’t always correct. Say for instance, we judge an introvert person like, “You know that guy in the red shirt? Yes him! He is so rude and proud of himself. He never talks to anyone!” Only after talking to him do we know what he is really like.

Studying a person’s characteristics can help you decide if you want to develop an intimate relationship with him/her. Such judgements can help you make important decisions like beginning a romantic relationship, hiring an employee and the like.

Some small body movements and gestures that make it easier for you to judge people and for people to judge you are :

  • Arms crossed

When people have their arms crossed against their chest, they are either being defensive or disagreeing to things that you say while communicating.

  • Your handwriting

Your handwriting reveals a lot about your personality. Those with smaller handwriting are usually shy and studios while those with bigger handwriting are more outgoing and open-minded. People who put pressure on the pen while writing, take things very seriously while those who write freely and light-handedly are more sensitive.

  • Stroking the Chin

An unintentional action that conveys a person is deep in thought. People who stroke their chin or beard are often deciding on something.

  • Hands on hip

This posture conveys complete relaxation. The posture of hands behind the head with the elbows out also convey a relaxed attitude.

  • Handshake

We all know about the fact that people with a strong handshake reflect a strong character and confidence. They are of the extrovert type and they can voice their opinions much more clearly. People with a weak handshake, on the other hand, tend to be less confident and low-risk takers.

  • Eyes

Obviously, your eyes are a mirror to your soul. They reflect your happiness or distress. Your eyes can tell if you’re lying no matter how you try to suppress the truth. People who can maintain a steady eye contact are more self-controlled and have a strong will while those who offer a weak handshake are the opposite.

  • Tilted head

A person with his head tilted towards one side is a person who is listening to what you are saying. Prolonged tilting of head indicates boredom.

  • Lowered head

It reveals guilt, shame and timidity. It also indicates that a person is trying to keep distance with you.

  • Biting nails

Pulling your hair, biting your nails or picking your skin depicts your impatience and frustration. People who bite their nails are often nervous and tense, nevertheless a perfectionist.

  • Sitting posture

When one is sitting with his legs apart, he is much more relaxed than a person who sits cross legged. Sitting with your ankles locked means you are nervous.

  • Hand on cheek

A person who has his one hand on his cheek indicates he is deep in thought. A person with both hands on his cheeks is bored.

  • Straddling a chair

Straddling a chair or standing behind a door or gateway elicits a protective behavior. Centuries ago, men used shields to protect themselves and today men use whatever is at his disposal.

Sometimes, a non-verbal communication gives you a much better idea about a person because unspoken words reveal hidden secrets and truths.

As correctly pointed out, “Eyes speak louder than words ever will.”