How To Maintain A Long Distance Friendship?

How to survive ong distance friendship?

Nothing feels as worse as your best friend moving out of town. The sudden change that hits our lives is difficult to cope with. But just as we know that no matter what, life goes on and we tend to get over with the initial blues and pace up our respective lives. Often in this course, the friendship evades away. Here are some tips that you must follow to keep the bond undamaged and ‘forever’.

Communication is the key:

The world today is functional because of communication, so you certainly cannot expect anything to be going without having a proper communication.  Make time to Skype, Whatsapp or pick any other social media but stay in touch, it extensively helps.

Express your love:

You should not back off from expressing the same compassion, love and care that you had for her when she was besides you. Voice your affection, give moral or emotional support and make them feel they are important. This will help maintain the relationship.

Say bye to ego:

Ego is the root cause of destruction in a relationship. Often when one shifts to another place, drifts occur. Sometimes, one of the recipient isn’t much responsive. This ignites difference of opinion and lack of understanding finds is space in your friendship. Therefore, it is important to keep aside your ago and initiate a full-fledged conversation.

Visit each other:

This is the greatest form to not lose the association with your bestie. Plan a vacation and try visiting each other as this really helps in staying intimately connected. This will also give you new things to talk about and also, wonderful opportunities to create new memories.

Send gifts:

Exchanging gifts is a really interesting way to show the love and care. Gifts make a person feel important and special. Those extra little efforts you make to send gifts at such a distance would really express everything and will make the other person realize how much the friendship means to you.

 These are some of the ideas through which you can keep your bond and friendship last for really long. If the friendship really matters to you, you would definitely attempt these concepts in reality. After all, nobody said friendship was easy but I am sure all this will be worth it!

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