Why is it important for women to travel solo?

In a society that encourages a male member to accompany the girl whenever she ventures out of the house, the idea of travelling solo might appear to be a little bizarre.

Why is it important for women to travel solo?

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The stark truth, however, is that girls are over protected in our conservative society that does not give them any opportunity to explore themselves and make sense of the world around them. Read on to know the various reasons why it is important for every woman to travel solo.


  • Learning independence

Why is it important for women to travel solo?

Instagram Account: atimidaffaire

Travelling solo is like running a business. There is not anyone around to guide you or give you a taste of what is right or wrong. You are your own boss. If something wrong happens, you face the music. Travelling solo gives you an opportunity to make your own decisions. Every experience checks your leadership skills and makes you a strong person who believes in following the dictates of one’s heart than following rules laid down by someone else. [Read: Wishing to live alone? Here’s what you should know!]


  • Stepping out of comfort zones

Our conservative society does not offer a lot of freedom to women to step out of their comfort zones and explore different shades of their personality. Travelling solo is the only way to ensure that she meets people from varied cultures, learns about them and expands her knowledge. Travel blogs, these days, are replete with women writing how much they enjoyed that biking experience which no one would have permitted them to have in their hometowns. Every experience brings with it a set of difficulties tackling which can lead to a complete transformation in one’s personality.


  • Widen your network of friends

Why is it important for women to travel solo?

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Travelling solo is a great opportunity to meet other solo travelers whose stories will inspire you. Befriend them, add them to your social circles, and keep in touch as they can add significantly to your knowledge. These friendships will go a long way in giving you friends that make your life worth living.  Create beautiful memories. Learn about new avenues from each other. Who knows your friendship gets to a totally different new level and you plan something really unique for yourself.


  • Travelling solo will help you unwind

Why is it important for women to travel solo?

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Women are considered to be great multitaskers. Their immaculate juggling between different roles can leave them exhausted. Travelling solo gives them the opportunity to recharge their jaded batteries by unwinding in the scenic beauty of nature. Spending time in nature is a great way to rejuvenate. It gives a woman the time to delve deeper into her life and find out what needs to be done to enhance every aspect of it.


  • Travel to feel empowered

Amidst the various changes that solo travelling brings with it is the sense of empowerment. Recall how Kangna Ranaut in Queen felt at the end of her trip. She felt empowered enough to break the stifling relationship with her fiancée. Travelling the world gave her the sense which helped her distinguish between right and wrong. It can be the most liberating experience of one’s life making you feel emancipated and empowering you to handle life’s ups and downs with enthusiasm. [Read: Empower women]

Aren’t the numbers of advantages linked with solo travelling really overwhelming? Do not think too much and take the plunge. This will prove to be the best decision of your life.



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