Indian women exploring fashion – a new fusion

Indian women exploring fashion - a new fusion

Indian women are the personification of elegance. With the changing horizons of the role of the Indian women in society, there has been a tremendous change in their lifestyle. This reflects in the way they carry themselves and their sense of dressing.

Fashion for women in India has undergone a transformational phase in the last decade. Unlike the earlier times, women have been exploring various options to work. This has led to a financial independence in them. Today, they are not just confined to their homes but have been participating actively in financial matters, politics and media exposure.

With this new face, women are well aware of the current trends going on in fashion industry too. In the recent times, Indian women have explored from the traditional suits and saris to western and fusion wear. Womenswear in India has generated huge revenue in last few years. This has made the apparel industry in India very popular.

Changing tastes and preferences

Indian women exploring fashion - a new fusion

Urbanisation has led women to explore more options. Instead of the simple saris, kurtas and salwar kameez (the typical Indian traditional dresses), women have been exploring more westernised and fusion clothing. Because of the influence of western culture, there is a huge demand of retro clothing which is influenced with traditional patterns combined with modern styles.

The fashion industry in the country is pretty competitive and thus must incorporate the changing tastes and preferences. With a lot of people becoming brand conscious, women wear has improved drastically in the recent times.

Lot of factors have propelled the growth of the apparel industry in the country. Urbanization and increased income of women are the major factors contributing towards it. This is a highly lucrative section and can be aimed at gaining huge profits.

Psychology of shopping women

Indian women exploring fashion - a new fusion

Every woman wants to look stunning and attractive. With a lot of Indian women being financially independent, they love to indulge in the trendiest outfit to boost their confidence. They are not only ready to shell out any amount of money but also demand quality clothing.

The demand has not just reflected the Indian wear but also the western wear as they find these clothes more suitable and comfortable to wear at work. They also love to explore with mixing different attires to make a fashion statement of their own.


More and more women have been coming out of their comfort zones and this has led to them exploring their fashion quotient too. Indian market for womenswear has been evolving with the changing trends and will experience an enormous growth in the coming years too.

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