Is it ‘like’ or ‘love’?

Is it 'like' or 'love'?

Relationships are not just about surprise gifts, deep intense love making or cute dates; it makes you stand face to face to some of the hardest decisions of your life. There are a plethora of factors that surround decision making in relationships. One of the most difficult decisions of not only a relationship but of our lives is to decide whether or not he is ‘The One’. A whirlpool of mental stimulus has to work behind in order to make this final decision. So how do you decide you really love him or you like him? Well! There can be colossal things about your partner that you may consider while deliberating about this but if the three steps mentioned below is a complete yes for you then you are definitely striking some serious chords with him.

You are ready to move in

We all are aware that it is fun to spend time with your partner and it is often more exciting and cool to have night stays and sleepovers or spend an entire day. But moving in is an absolutely different scenario which is abundantly challenging as well. Moving in actually means you are ready to portray every nook and corner of your own self to your partner which can often not be so pleasing and accepting as everybody has their own tastes and living styles. Same goes the other way as you open his unknown chapters. So, if you think you are ready for the thunderstorm and you are willing to wholeheartedly accept all the inner flaws of your partner then there is no doubt that love is blooming in the air.


You are willing to sail with him in hardships

You might think that being that woman who stays with a man in his trials and tribulations and backs him in his times of despair is easy but let me tell you that it just sounds easy. There will be times when he will be broken and you will be answerable on his behalf to many people including your own family which will be excruciating and terrible. There will also come times when you will have to make choices between him and your accomplishments which will be difficult too. Hardships can come anytime and in any way but if you think you can handle it all and still lead a meaningful relationship then it is a definite sign that the boat is sailing towards the shore of love.


He fits into your family picture

Women are emotional and they have a tendency to foresee a relationship much before men tend to even think about it. Therefore, it is important to keep aside your emotions and attachment just for a while and let practicality and reality swipe in. If you are sure about him as a responsible and diligent family man in your future and that you can actually picture him taking care of your kids and your family with utmost sincerity then it clearly means that you want him to take the big step with you ahead.

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