Is sexuality still under the covers ?



Sexuality is a person’s sexual orientation or preference but in India sexuality means being straight. In a country where LGBT people face so many legal and social difficulties, writing on such topics can also be miscalculated as an offence. Just for instance, recall the biology books in tenth standards where the whole reproduction topic used to be explained and summarized in just a paragraph. Whereas in reality, it is such an important topic to understand one’s body and it’s functioning and it is impossible as well as unfair to wrap it up in a simple paragraph. The topic is so essential to shape ones individuality, sexual expression and to have a gender identity. It is so shallow that all that is openly spoken in our society is ‘Just say NO to Sex’.

It is strange but the truth that in a place where the ultimate sex manual Kama Sutra originated, sex and related discussions remain a forbidden fruit. We as an Indian society are so afraid to discuss sex that there is silence around such dialogues. Sexual desires and feelings are considered a taboo and open writings on sexuality are a constant denial. Many have been publishing bold stories long before Christian Grey brought his whips and blindfolds but such writers go blurry in the trade.

These trivial mindsets in the culture could be the reason why authors do not choose to write on sexuality. Well! Why would the writers express on a subject that is to be appreciated by a very few?

In fact, I have seen an absurd outlook in our culture that if something is written on sex, people immediately think of rape and mechanical thrusts.  Herein suggestive authors have a difficult responsibility of making their work as profound as possible as it takes much more effort to satisfy the intellectual needs of an audience via words. Visually, it is a very different story.

Reviving hardcore sexuality often brings in extreme reactions from the public and creates a stir. Even though such write-ups are yet on their way to triumph, the country is opening up for erotic fiction and people are keen for more. Time is changing and people are slowly on a pathway of recognizing the power of such writings to make people sexually empowered. It has become very important to unveil the covers and motivate such dialogues and discussions on sexual desires and people’s feelings about themselves as sexual beings. More space should be led out in the society to writers willing to carve stories on different sexual behaviors and explorations.




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Ashwathi is an enthusiastic traveller and dancer with a passion for movies and music. Hailing from an Army background, she considers herself fortunate enough to have experienced the diverse cultures that India boasts of. She is a graduate in Journalism and Mass Communications and has worked in print, radio and television.